Official Shark Week Swimsuit By Bad Aby & The Discovery Channel Is Edgy (Literally)

If you’re already a fan of Shark Week, get ready to geek out even harder. The Discovery Channel has teamed up with Bad Aby to create an official Shark Week swimsuit that’s totally perfect for those who are into the annual television event. Get ready to take your fandom to a whole other level.

Don’t you wish all shows created gear for their fans? This suit, featuring an edgy cut out and shark tooth trim, is super fun because of its wacky nature. Sure, it's a bit silly in concept, but the shark teeth and major side cut-out also give the suit a total bad ass vibe, which is fitting with Bad Aby’s design aesthetic. I could totally see Rihanna rocking this on the beach.

The monokini comes in a variety of colors, so there’s something for every Shark Week lover out there (although I'm a fan of the traditional grey for authenticity). According to The Discovery Channel, most Shark Week fans are women — the event boasts 639,000 female viewers.

Hit the beach in this Sharkini (yes, that’s t’s name) and you’re sure to grab plenty of attention. Shark Week begins July 5th, so be sure to visit the Bad Aby website and get this suit just in time for your favorite part of summer.

And hey, even if you’re not so into Shark Week, maybe you’re a fan of Left Shark? There's got to be some of those left (get it?) out there!

The Original Sharkini, $120

Image: Bad Aby