10 Reasons To Have A Destination Wedding, Because Marriage Is Already An Adventure

For many engaged couples, planning a wedding means stress, money, a whole lot of time, money, family drama, and, oh, did I mention money? Although a wedding is supposed to be a thrilling and happy experience, it often causes a lot more trouble than it should. But what if it didn't have to be exactly that way? What if you could plan a destination wedding in a gorgeous location with only the people who matter the most to you and your betrothed? What if you sip tropical mixed drinks while staring at a gorgeous sunset the night before the big day without wondering if your bridesmaids are going to kill each other?

Um, you totally can! And maybe you should. As traditional wedding ceremonies get pricier (reports say the average cost of a wedding in the United States is a little over $25,000!), more couples are opting for destination weddings. At first thought, it might seem like destination weddings are more of a hassle, but they're actually not. If you're looking to save a little money, have an amazing wedding ceremony that everyone will remember (instead of remembering the drama surrounding it), and just want to feel really happy about your big day, a destination wedding is something you should seriously consider.

Still not convinced? Here are 10 reasons why you should have a destination wedding in one of your favorite locations, along with a whole bunch of gorgeous wedding photos that will probably convince you more than any of my words could.

1. Your guest list will be smaller.

This means you're not obligated to invite family members you don't even know, people you don't actually like, or anyone who's going to cause more drama than they're worth. This in itself is more than enough reason to plan a destination wedding, if you ask me!

2. You're guaranteed to have gorgeous photos.

Whether you choose a tropical locale or something more rustic, your venue will be beautiful in some way... so beautiful that you'll barely need any props to make your photos magazine-worthy.

3. It's like a big vacation with all the people you care the most about.

What other chance are you really going to have to be away with EVERYONE you love?

4. Destination weddings are typically easier and faster to plan.

At first they may seem like a lot of work, but they're actually not. Most resorts offer free planning help to couples, and the package you pick is often filled with everything you need, from photographers to food to the officiant.

5. When you pick the right package, it's a cheaper option.

Just because you're in a vacation-worthy destination doesn't mean your wedding is more expensive. In fact, it's almost always cheaper. There are many all-inclusive resorts that offer packages that only cost a few thousand dollars, and that includes everything from venue to hotel to airfare.

6. You're helping your friends get a less expensive vacation.

It's YOUR day, but that doesn't mean you don't also want your friends to have fun. Resorts typically offer discounts to large parties, meaning your friends are getting a vacation cheaper than they normally would.

7. It's a big bonding experience.

This is the perfect time to get closer to your fiance's family members you don't know very well. It's the best way for families to meet and have a good time together.

8. Destination weddings have a much more relaxed feel to them.

Since it's basically a little vacation, everyone feels happier, more relaxed, and less stressed. Destination weddings are also usually less formal, which gets rid of that stuffy feeling you get sometimes in a more traditional hall.

9. Your wedding will stand out from everyone else's you know.

A destination wedding is much more unique than a traditional ceremony at home. There's no getting around that.

10. It's super romantic.

Let's not forget the most important thing about a wedding: the romance and love. Between being on vacation to being surrounded by gorgeous views to being doted on by hotel staff, you'll feel like you're living a fairytale.