Monica & Chandler Back Together On TBS

I'mma let you finish but Monica and Chandler were the best Friends couple of all time — OF ALL TIME! Ross and Rachel who, amirite? Which is why the news of Matthew Perry's casting in Cougar Town 's fifth season is giving us a lot of feelings.

It would be disingenuous and just plain lying to say that we live in a world with a dearth of Friends reunions, when in fact the Friends cast seems to find ways to wiggle each other into most of their television projects: Matthew Perry had Courteney Cox on his NBC show Go On before it was cancelled, and both Lisa Kudrow and Jennifer Aniston have made appearances on Cougar Town.

Really, we live in a world full of Friends nostalgia, and the only real way for a reunion to make a dent would be for either the entire cast to be involved (poor David Schwimmer, always left out) or for the actors to reprise their roles from the show.

Regardless, there's a reason Monica and Chandler worked so well, and at least part of that is because watching Courteney Cox and Matthew Perry play around with each other is damn fun.

Cougar Town returns to our lives on TBS on Jan. 7, and Perry's episode will probably happen sometime around the end of that season. We don't know yet who Perry will be playing or how he'll come into contact with the Cougar Town characters, but knowing the show and the Cul-De-Sac Crew, his episode will probably involve copious drinking.