16 Incredible Christina Aguilera Covers That Will Amaze You (Because Doing Xtina Justice Is No Easy Feat)

One time when I was drunk and browsing the Internet, I fell into a Christina Aguilera blackhole on YouTube. Two hours later, I found myself crying at how talented she is. Yes, crying. At Christina Aguilera YouTube videos. When I ran out of Xtina videos to watch, I turned to Xtina cover videos and that was some rough territory. Christina Aguilera has an incredible voice and her songs are very difficult to sing well. That being said, there is an elite group of people who can do justice to Xtina's voice. These 16 incredible Christina Aguilera covers will amaze you (especially if you're like me and suffered through hundreds of terrible Xtina covers first).

Seriously, I have so much respect for the people who have the guts and the voice to tackle a Christina cover. To quote Stepbrothers, Christina Aguilera is the songbird of our generation and you're almost certainly setting yourself up for failure when you set out to sing one of her songs unless you are really, really good.

Christina Aguilera's voice is rivaled by none, and though none of these covers come close to the real thing, these singers do a damn good job of trying. So sit back and take a listen to these ridiculously good covers of Christina Aguilera songs.

Ed Sheeran - "Dirrty"

BBC Radio 1 on YouTube

Ed Sheeran is the king of covers. Only Ed could make "Dirrty" sound classy.

Bianca - "Hurt"

Bianca Music on YouTube

A solid rendition of a Christina classic.

Buggy and Mike Squillante - "Just A Fool"

Mike Squillante on YouTube

An incredibly talented duo.

Christina Grimmie - "Bound To You"

zeldaxlove64 Christina Grimmie on YouTube

Those high notes are always the true test in a Christina cover.

Katie Carson - "Genie In A Bottle"

KatieCCarson on YouTube

An acoustic take on an Xtina classic.

Raquel Castro - "Ain't No Other Man"

Raquel Castro on YouTube

This one requires a killer voice and a healthy dose of attitude.

Ali Brustofski & Daniel De Bourg - "Say Something"

Ali Brustofski on YouTube

Slaying those harmonies.

Mariangeli - "We Remain"

ShowMobile on YouTube

Bonus points for the hilarious music video.

Laura Mary - "You Lost Me"

Laura on YouTube

Low production quality but her incredible voice makes up for that.

Darren Criss - "Fighter"

Darren Criss took a badass song and made it even more fierce.

Jasmine Thompson - "Say Something"

That accent takes this song to a whole new level.

Kasia Popowska - "You Lost Me"

Kasia Popowska on YouTube

I have watched so many Christina Aguilera covers that are actually torturous to sit through today and this one was a breath of fresh air after all of those.

Bella - "The Voice Within"

The Voice Kids Australia on YouTube

12-year-old Australian singer Bella absolutely kills this incredibly difficult song on an episode of The Voice Kids.

Curtis Golden - "Candyman"

The X Factor UK on YouTube

Curtis plays a rousing acoustic rendition of Christina's "Candyman" on an episode of The X Factor UK.

Ariana Dao - "I Turn To You"

Ariana Dao on YouTube

Ariana Dao does an incredible job with this Spanish cover of "I Turn To You."

Reem - "What A Girl Wants"

Reem Music on YouTube

To quote one of the YouTube commenters, "Holy duck."