Four-Year-Old Films Makeup Tutorial & It's About The Cutest Thing You'll See All Day

Move aside YouTube beauty gurus, you just got some new competition. Four-year-old Nashla Kieu made a makeup tutorial and the results are not only adorable, but hilarious as well. The little girl seemed to channel the many makeup videos online to give you a step-by-step makeup look that involves lots of glitter, pink, and potentially purple eyebrows.

Kieu seems to have taken her mom's phone (she's four... and knows how to work a phone, let that sink in), set up an adorable makeup station (I see that Disney princess chair), and showed off to her audience each product she was using before applying. I'm not sure where Kieu is getting her rapid-speed technique from, but it looks to me that she's replicating the fast-forward edit that a lot of artists use to speed of their videos, which makes this that much more precious.

Kieu is definitely not the first little girl to show off her makeup skills online, and other have received some mixed reviews — let's face it, if you're using makeup to actually alter your face instead of having fun at that age, it's probably time to put the makeup brush down. But for Kieu, it seems that she's just enjoying playing make-believe makeup artist on her mom's phone, and I'm totally OK with that.

Check out the sweet video below. It may just make you miss the days of being able to match pink with purple.

Image: Linda Kieu/YouTube