18 Shirts For People Who Hate Mondays (So, Everyone)

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Even if you have the best job in the world, Mondays suck. They never really stood a chance, considering they follow Sundays, which are (ideally) the laziest and most wonderful day of the week. Mondays mean following up two days of weekend happiness and waking up early, putting on pants, doing work, and feeling exhausted. You can love what you do and still absolutely hate Mondays.

But you know what might the first day of the work week just a teensy bit better? Wearing a cool shirt that expresses how you really feel about Mondays and garners tons of compliments by people who are like, "OMG I hate Mondays too where did you get that!" Hey, it might not turn your alarm clock off or help you get more sleep, but a cute tee can make you feel more confident and happy throughout the day. Here are 18 shirts you need if you hate Mondays.

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