7 'ITF' Photos That Prove Purple Hair Is Versatile

I've never dyed my hair and I don't really plan on starting (I'm scared of what chemicals will do to my curls, OK?) but ever since I discovered blogger Victoria MaGrath of In The Frow I've seriously wished I had the guts to full-on bright purple with my strands. For those of you who don't know, MaGrath is a UK-based YouTube personality (her channel is one of my faves), fashion blogger, and model who's colorful locks are one of her style staples.

If there's one thing watching her haul videos and scrolling through her Instagram feed has taught me, it's that purple (or any color, really) strands are not limiting to one's personal style in the least. Perhaps it's a testament to how well MaGrath styles herself, but I've come to believe through tracking her every fashion move that lavender hair kind of goes with everything.

And sure, I'm envious of her killer wardrobe, her extensive makeup collection, and her glamorous vacations, but it's really the ability to rock a statement shade on her head that keeps me hanging on to her every move via the Internet. MaGrath's hair makes her stand out in a sea of stylish women who document their lives via social media. Here are seven Instagram photos from In The Frow that prove purple hair is actually super versatile.

1. White & Gold

I wish my hair glowed like that in the sunlight!

2. Pink Lady

Pink and purple — who would've thought that combo would work so well?

3. Black Off-The-Shoulder

Is it just me, or does this look scream Sandy from Grease?

4. Denim Playsuit

Denim is functionally a neutral, so of course this works.

5. Pink Redux

There's that brilliant combo again!

6. Off-White Floral

Excuse me while I go out and buy this exact dress.

7. Beige With Glasses

DIVINE. I have glasses that are similar to these, so all I need is the hair and I'll be just as cool, right? Right??

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