6 Pedicure Mistakes You're Making Because Even Nail Salon Veterans Don't Know What They're Doing Wrong

There's nothing like getting a pedicure and treating yourself for an hour or two. But even if you're a nail salon veteran, there are probably some pedicure mistakes you're making without even realizing it. Trust, I've definitely made some of these mistakes before too.

But when you're feeling great, getting your toenails done and finally releasing the stress from the hectic work week you just underwent, making mistakes don't really come to mind. Don't worry, I understand. However, keeping these errors in mind could change your pedicure game forever. Like, for real. Honestly, I didn't even know that sitting in a jet chair was one of the worst mistakes I could be making. Ugh, I'm still heartbroken.

So the next time you head to the salon for a pedicure, here are some mistakes you should avoid to keep your feet and toes happy:

1. Shaking Your Nail Polish Bottle


I do this all the time when I'm DIY-ing my nails at home. I probably still do this unconsciously even though I know it's wrong. It's like a bad habit I can't get rid of, but the truth is shaking your bottle actually causes air to get trapped in your bottle and it eventually creates bubbles. If you notice your nail lady shaking the bottle, kindly ask her to stop. Nobody likes bubbly nail polished nails!

2. Sitting In The Jet Chairs


I know, I know. I was pretty surprised and saddened when I heard about this too. Who doesn't love those comfy jet chairs? If anything, that's seriously the best part of the pedicure process. But according to a Fox News Magazine interview with Simcha Whitehill, a Manhattan-based nail artist who goes by the name of Miss Pop, "You can't clean the jets properly, so bacteria can collect in there very easily." Whitehill advises you to "always just go for the classic bowl when getting a pedicure." Well, I guess comfort isn't worth the harmful germs.

3. Cuticle Cutting


This is probably the worse thing your nail artist can do. Cuticles are meant to protect you, not to be cut away. "...It's a point of entry. And when it's sliced open, because you or some salon tech doesn't know what he or she is doing with the nippers, the flood gates are immediately opened for bacteria and fungus to get inside and infect you," according to Miss Pop.

4. Applying Quick-Dry Products


It's probably the easiest to use quick-dry products for a fast pedicure, but in the end, using them can seriously damage your nails. How? Well, they aren't called quick-dry for no reason. The result? They will quickly dry out your nails.

5. Drying With UV Light


Similar to any other light, using UV light can age your hands and cause damage to your skin. Although it may take a while for your nails to dry, try doing it the au naturale way. Your skin will thank you later.

6. Wearing The Wrong Shoes


I've done this TOO MANY TIMES. I'd literally wear socks and sneakers to the nail salon. Why? I have no clue. Just stick to easy-to-wear flip flops and lose the strappy, complicated gladiator sandals for this trip.

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