Is it a comedy or a drama?

Orange is the New Black made its Netflix premiere at an arguably disadvantageous time — it was ineligible for the 2013 Emmys. Regardless, the show was a huge hit, the biggest Netflix has had, and as such it is already being discussed as a big award contender for the coming season. Which is why Netflix's decision to submit Orange is the New Black as a drama instead of a comedy when gunning for Golden Globes and Emmys is pretty fascinating.

The comedy race for television awards has long been haunted by cable dramediesNurse Jackie, Weeds, Girls, United States of Tara, The Big C, etc. In the past there has even been a tendency of these comedy/drama mashup shows to take home the bulk of the comedy acting prizes, probably due to the unfortunate habit Hollywood has of thinking crying/mental breakdown scenes are harder to master than comedic ones.

Orange is the New Black was expected, in this tradition, to submit itself amongst the comedies. But apparently not anymore: TVLine is reporting that Netflix is switching its submission from comedy to drama.

This is at once a refreshing move and a risky one. It's refreshing because of the aforementioned reasons — it frees up some space in the comedy categories for at least one more of the many comedy shows making a mark right now to be honored. It also makes things ever so slightly rougher for OITNB: The drama race is already a tight one.

Because a move to the drama category? That means OITNB will be directly competing with the final season of Breaking Bad. There are others, too, who are already tough to beat — Mad Men, for example, and Homeland — but the final season of Breaking Bad? Oof, good luck.

(And we actually mean that sincerely: good luck)

Image: Netflix