What Were Mama Joyce & Carmon Fighting About On 'Real Housewives of Atlanta: Kandi's Ski Trip'? More Rumors Plagued The Season Finale

The finale of Real Housewives of Atlanta: Kandi's Ski Trip promised a huge showdown between Mama Joyce and Kandi's best friend Carmon. They got into a huge argument yet again and started screaming at one another, and if you're new to Real Housewives of Atlanta, you were probably totally lost and wondering, did Carmon sleep with Todd? It depends on who you ask, and even more about who you believe. It's pretty tragic to see their surrogate parent/child relationship gone horribly wrong. Carmon and Kandi have been friends since middle school, and still work together today, so it's rough to see Mama Joyce believe random people from "the streets" over someone she's known for so long.

But this conflict between the two dates back to long before Kandi's Ski Trip. In fact, back when Kandi was getting married and was looking for a wedding dress, this rumor reared its head for the first time onscreen in 2013. Carmon was sitting in the bridal store with all of Kandi's relatives, when Mama Joyce started on her anti-Todd rants. When Carmon chimed in to stick up for him, she became the target of Mama J's wrath. Kandi, meanwhile, was pretty baffled.

So that's the tea, for anyone wondering. Shoes were thrown, people were called "fools," and it set the stage for the Ski Trip controversy.

It was also pretty surreal to hear from the point of view of Kandi's aunts Bertha and Nora, as they described Mama Joyce as their baby sister, who's going through emotional turmoil of her own. They don't blame Kandi, and instead think that she needs to stop asking Kandi for material goods and hoping that will fill her emotional side. And maybe that's what she was doing when she attempted to reconcile with Carmon and Todd, in order to complete the "mending and blending" theme of the ski trip.

All of this is to say that Mama Joyce was right about Carmon being a bad assistant, but this dirt doesn't have any basis in reality and doesn't have anything to do with what they were talking about. I don't know where Mama Joyce's "sources" come from, but they're stopping her from making up with her daughter. Hopefully those tears were real and Joyce is really ready for some real mending and blending.

Images: Bravo (screenshot)