12 String Lights To Brighten Up Your Grownup Space, Now That You've Finally Traded In That Dorm Room Decor

There comes a time in every woman's life when she must ditch her dorm decor to embrace a more mature interior design scheme. Don't get us wrong: hanging Christmas lights all over our rooms was fun for a while, but now it's time to try out some more grown-up lighting options. It's time to back away from the holiday decorations.

Giving up plain string lights doesn't mean that your space has to be dark and boring; it just opens up the possibility for tons of fun, new lighting options. Flip through the gallery for lights that will make your space look totally put together — and keep your interior bright.


by Rebecca Deczynski

Rose Lights

Cream roses transform white string lights into a romantic accent piece.

Lights, $17.50,

Daisy String Lights

Give your room a warm glow with these dainty yellow daisy lights.

Lights, $28,

Lace String Lights

Feminine lace-decked lights make the perfect decoration for an elegant get-together.

Lights, $19,

Pink Flower Lights

These pink flower lights are just the right balance of youthful and mature for adding a botanical touch to your interior.

Lights, $28.53,

Jewel Lights

Bring in some glamour to your home with lights that shine bright like diamonds.

Lights, $22.95,

Bronze Wire Lights

A touch of bronze wire makes these lights a simple, versatile lighting option for any room.

Lights, $24.99,

Purple Flower Lights

Keep springtime going all year long with vivid purple blossoms.

Lights, $10.95,

Pear Light Covers

Kitchy, cute, and sightly minimalist, these light covers by IKEA are simply irresistible.

Light covers, $5,

Origami Lights

Rainbow lights don’t veer into childish territory when accented by beautiful origami flowers.

Lights, $28.24,

Industrial String Lights

Give your kitchen a café feel with these all-white lights.

Lights, $49,

Starfish Lights

Give your space a beachy vibe without the sand with glowing starfish lights.

Lights, $22.95,

Metal Lattice String Lights

These lattice lights perfectly light up a cozy bungalow to create a comfy hideaway.

Lights, $24.99,