Guys Try Fake Nails And Their Reactions Are A Priceless Mix Of Confusion And Wonder

Long nails, fake or real, are a blessing and a curse for the wearer. Yes, they look pretty and add an air of elegance to one's hands, but they make things like texting, opening doors, taking out contact lenses a bit... challenging, to say the least. Several guys tried fake nails for Buzzfeed and they were seriously put to the test in this social experiment. Some of the handsome gents were bearded, others were clean shaven, and they all were game and good sports, as they each had priceless and hilarious reactions to navigating life as they know it with glittery, long talons.

While one dude noted that he thought he'd feel either elegant or like an adult film star with long nails and another simply neglected to read the instructions for proper placement of the do-it-yourself nails, it's safe to say that all these fine, young men realized how much effort goes into applying and having long, fake nails. Other revelations that take place in the video? Opposable thumbs are essential and that swiping on a smartphone is now something you have to do carefully and while maneuvering.

Here are some of the funniest moments and reactions of guys trying fake nails for the first time! They all cashed in their nail V-cards with smiles on their faces and for that, you cannot help but love them!

1. Edward Scissorhands

This well-manscaped gent with black, glossy, and glittery nails said he felt like Edward Scissorhands who could prune trees with his new claws. The nails actually look pretty good on him.

2. Gollum? Really?

This fake nail first timer compared using his hands to how Gollum from Lord of the Rings building a model airplane. Yeah, I can see that...

3. Up For The Challenge

Texting proves to be difficult when you get your nails did, as one of the nimble subjects learned.

One guy noted that Siri pretty much exists for people who have long nails. You know, he has a point there...

4. New Seductive Powers

This dude could not deny the seductive power of long, sexy nails, either.

5. Those Match His Shirt!

Is it me or do those nails match that checked shirt? Is that an accident?! Probably! But still, it looks amaze.

6. Long Island Medium Nails

This dude's nails look like they were done at a salon! Nice work. He took the Long Island Medium French mani up a notch.

7. Nails-As-Weapons

This guy clearly has fun messing around with fake nails and wields them like weapons... of looking good!

He also felt like he has less control of his hands, but that's merely because he was a novice. He really just needs a few days to get used having his nails did.

Also, anyone else notice how soft and well-groomed all of their hands and cuticles appear in this vid? They must have gotten manis beforehand, perhaps?

Images: YouTube (10)