This Gosling Jumps Off A Cliff In The Most Dramatic Way, And It Will Give You A Mini Heart Attack — VIDEO

Pfft, you thought you had parental drama in your tween years? Imagine if your parents had been all, "Hey, kid, we're gonna need you to jump off a 400 foot cliff. It's chill, you've got this, see ya at the bottom!" Well, that's exactly what happens to these goslings jumping off a cliff in Greenland. (Note: For anyone who thought I meant Ryan Gosling jumped off a cliff, well. Take a breath. Calm down. He will live to break hearts another day.)

Seriously, though, there is no fall more harrowing than the one these babies are expected to make in order to get down from their nest to the grassy area where they can eat. They just seem to fall forever. It's like that scene in the Spy Kids movie where the kids fall into that abyss without realizing that they're stuck in a perpetual falling machine, except this is alarmingly, heart-stoppingly, adorably REAL.

The Discovery Channel caught the whole ordeal on video, and it make you so terrified for the little critter that it will ignite a parental instinct you might not have known you had. But although they be small, they be fearless. Seriously, any time you have an obstacle in your life you're not sure whether or not you can overcome, remember that a weeks old creature faced THIS.

And just to give you a preview of how freaked out you're about to be:

He can't even fly yet, guys. He's just straight up falling.

I feel like I've been waiting for an excuse to use that gif my whole life, so bless you, baby gosling. And bless the other Gosling too, because duh. Here's the whole video, if you think your heart can take it:

Aaaaand he KINDA sticks the landing! Mad props, baby creature. You are too fierce for this world.

Images: Getty Images; YouTube(2); Giphy(1)