Five Celebrity Photos That Prove Dogs Are A Woman's Best Friend — And Accessory

When it's time to accessorize, not many people look to their pooches to amp up their style. But from long walks in the park to Instagram selfies, there's no place that a dog can't go. Celebrities know that the right accessory can make all the difference, and based on the recent influx of celeb-and-pet selfies on my Instagram these days — they're using their dogs to prove it. With summer comes outdoor activities, and with that comes furry buddies to keep you company while soaking up the sun. Whether they're in matching outfits or just hanging around the house, celebrities and their dogs make for some of the best Instagram pics. And, let's be honest: The dogs often outshine their owners.

Stars getting some time off love to snuggle up to their dogs to enjoy the summer, and that makes for one pooch-filled Instagram feed. These pampered puppies love to pose with their owners, and many times they even have their very own Instagram accounts with just as many followers as their adoptive parents.

They might not be cover stars or on-screen actors like their owners, but these dogs know how to steal the spotlight. There's nothing better than seeing these furry best friends get a little spotlight and showing the a dog can be not only a best friend but a fabulous accessory.

1. Dressing Up With Their Owners

Tell me this isn't the cutest security guard that you've ever seen and you'd be lying.

2. Making Every Day Bright

Although they might not be the most photogenic, they prove their loyalty time and time again.

3. Showing Their Lovable Side

Not everyone can look great next to Sarah Jessica Parker, but her pooch might have just stole the spotlight.

4. Posing For Workout Pics

Legging? Check. Water bottle? Check. Furry best friend. Check!

5. Just Trying To Live A Normal Life

These dogs prove their loyalty everywhere form the red carpet to just hanging out at home.