New Hair Care System ProfilePRO Offers Customized Products Based On Your Hair Type, So This Could Revolutionize How You Buy Shampoo

There might be a hair care revolution on the way. That is, if QVC founder Joseph Segel has anything to say about, anyway. Segel has co-founded and is financially backing ProfilePRO, a new customized hair care system that allows you to use individually customized shampoo and conditioner that is based on your hair's personal profile and characteristics! Even better, the system will cater to your nose and you can choose a preferred scent for the products, as well.

I am already intrigued, since I'm a daily hair washer, given the fact that my hair is oily and if I don't wash it, you will look at it and think that I haven't showered at all. I accept this fact of oily hair and I wash accordingly.

Segel has teamed up with other former QVC employees for this revolutionary system, which is not QVC-affiliated, despite the pedigree, history, and know-how of the investors. ProfilePRO is privately owned and independent, which adds an intangible hip factor, as well — that certainly doesn't hurt.

Here's everything we know and why I am excited about the concept, which operates on the principle that you are unique and so are your strands and was powerful enough to bring Segel out of retirement to work on it! That's saying something.

1. It's Extremely Personal

Since the system is so personal, it won't be sold at retail or distributed via salons. That's the whole point. If you don't want a personal system, then buy whatever product lines the CVS shelves! Instead, ProfilePRO will be sold online for now.

2. There Are 100 Formulas


Since consumers are increasingly interested in customized product (essentially, you want to do you) ProfilePRO is launching with 100 formulas that were expertly compounded and that treat almost every type of hair and condition. You know, 100 formulas is a lot, but they were refined by skilled cosmetic chemists in Italy. They were tested in Florida salons and previewed by stylists in Pennsylvania, so the system appears to have been in the works for a while.

3. Your Hair Type Is Determined By A Series Of Questions And Answers

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So how do you know which of the 100 available formulas works for you? Easy! ProfilePRO asks a series of key questions, posted on their website, so that your order is entirely customized. In addition to the basics, the questionairre asks what you are looking for in a product, what your styling routine is like, and more. It's quick and easy, though!

4. The Products Are Good For You


The products are both sulfate and paraben-free! No icky stuff here.

5. The Process Is Easy

Create your hair profile at the ProfilePRO site. You will be asked about things like hair type, texture, and behavior, and scalp condition. You pick your scent and your name will even appear on the bottle, for added cuteness! The full-sized bottles are between $19 and $29, which isn't too cray cray expensive when you consider that it is pretty much made for you and your hair type!

You are unique. So is your hair. ProfilePRO aims to let you treat it that way. I'm in.

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