Model Soo Joo Park Shows Off New Blue Hair On Instagram, And I'm Totally Obsessed

When it comes to coloring their hair, celebs are putting quite the emphasis on color these days. Model Soo Joo Park showed off her blue hair in an Instagram pic on Sunday, opting for mermaid locks rather than hopping on this season's thriving pink hair trend. First Stephanie Beatriz went hot pink reverse ombre on us, then Bella Thorne became Bella the Blonde, and now Soo Joo Park is making quite the testimony for why blue hair should actually be a thing. Celebs have gone color crazy, and I am loving it.

When it comes to her hair, Park prides herself on her one adventurous attribute. L’Oreal’s first Asian-American ambassador told Into The Gloss that upon moving to New York from California to pursue a career in modeling, Wilhelmina director Roman Young suggested they bleach Park’s hair. She was all for it, and good thing, it basically turned out to be an important career decision on Park’s end. Park proved that anyone can pull off platinum blonde hair, and the job opportunities came rolling in.

With all the possible changes one can make to their appearance, you’d think dying hair would lean towards one of the more minimal switch ups. But realistically speaking, it alters your entire look.

It does not (in most cases anyway) alter your personality, however. You may feel a little strange looking in the mirror a few weeks after the fact, and maybe your confidence boosts a tad, but when it comes down to it, you are who you are whether your hair is the shade you came out of the womb baring or is streaked with neon highlights.

“My hair doesn’t really make me feel very different,“ Park told Into The Gloss, “But I know that I get perceived as a different person. People think that I’m more eccentric, open, or adventurous, but it’s really just the hair.”

Don't sell yourself short, Park, switching up hairstyles is quite the adventure and, if I do say so myself, I applaud your bravery.