Adam Lambert's ‘The Original High’ Is Now Streaming Online, So Here Are 5 Must-Hear Tracks — LISTEN

The wait is finally over, Glamberts: Adam Lambert's new album, The Original High , is now streaming on Amazon. (Note: At the moment, only the clean, standard edition of the album is available to stream, which means no f-bombs or bonus tracks. Sorry, friends!) Some fans are waiting until the LP officially drops on Tuesday, June 16 to listen, but I dove right in. (What can I say? I have very little willpower.) My first impression of the 33-year-old singer's latest effort can be summed up in one word: Wow.

I need to spend some more time with The Original High before I put together a review, but I can say right off the bat that from a songwriting and production standpoint, it's a very impressive (and very cohesive) body of work. Oh, and Lambert's vocals are out-of-this-world amazing throughout (but you probably knew that already). I have a feeling Lambert's new record is going to be on heavy rotation on my iPod this summer.

So, now that I've heard The Original High in its entirety, what are its standout tracks? Which ones do I want to come back to again and again? Here are a few of my early favorites (in no particular order):

"Another Lonely Night"

I'm a sucker for sad dance songs, and "Another Lonely Night" is the saddest, dance-iest song of them all. I've been hooked ever since it premiered a couple of weeks ago.


"Underground" is so sexy, it makes me blush.

"Rumors" (feat. Tove Lo)

Swedish newcomer Tove Lo's signature quirkiness is all over "Rumors" and I love it. Best/most ridiculous lyrics: "Get out of the gossip game, get out of the haterade/Don't-don't care about, don't care about, don't care about the rumors!" Wise words.

"Lucy" (feat. Brian May)

Queen guitarist Brian May absolutely kills it on "Lucy." It's nice to hear Lambert's voice on something with a rock edge.

"Things I Didn't Say"

"Things I Didn't Say" is definitely one of the catchiest songs on The Original High. That final chorus just does something me!

Click here to stream The Original High on Amazon.

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