7 Times Kate Middleton Showed Off Her Artistic Side, Because Taking Pictures Of Princess Charlotte Isn't The Only Time

The pictures of Prince George and Princess Charlotte that were released on Saturday pretty much bowled the world over. I know I wasn't the only one refreshing my Instagram feed like a maniac at 4 o'clock when the pictures were rumored to be released. And, when it came out that the pictures had been taken by Kate Middleton herself, the world just about died from cuteness overload. The fact that Middleton had taken the pictures herself made them that much sweeter and more intimate than any of the formal shots released of Prince William and Prince Harry when they were young.

The shots of George and Charlotte showed a softness that only a mother's eye could capture. That, and a skilled artist. Oh, yes. That's right! The portraits were not the first time Middleton has shown the world her artistic side. Actually, she's been studying art and involved in its creation for most of her adult life. She even integrated it into her career before she married William and became an official member of the royal family. So, before you think this royal highness is all sharp coat dresses and perfect hair, take a second to revisit the times when she showed that she's actually crazy talented.

1. That time she worked as a photographer for her parents' company

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Yep. True story. Before William popped the question, Middleton put her artistic chops to work for her family's company, Party Pieces, taking pictures of party decorations and merchandise for purchase.

2. That time she modeled in her friend's fashion show


We ALL remember THOSE pictures, even if they are pictures she and Queen wish the world would forget.

3. That time she appreciated that portrait of her that no one else liked

LEON NEAL/AFP/Getty Images

Everyone has their own taste, Kate Middleton included. No one else seemed to like the portrait that was commissioned for her, but Middleton was totally taken by it.

4. That time she majored in Art History at St. Andrew's


See? It's not just a fly-by-night hobby for this princess.

5. That time she took AMAZING pictures of Borneo

Amateur photographer, sure, but Middleton showed some serious artistic skills in these pictures. I just hope she finds time to take some more soon. For her sake, yes, but also for ours.

6. That time she painted while raising money for charities

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Using her skills for good, the Duchess painted with children to raise money for local charities.

7. That time this happened


Always composed. Even when there is a person laying face down on the ground. Hey, it's art. And Middleton definitely knows how to appreciate that.

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