Is Drake Dating Shanina Shaik? The Victoria's Secret Model & Rapper Might Be Starting Something Special

Uh oh. I hate to be the bearer of bad news for those hoping to date Drake, but it looks like there's a good chance that Drake might be wooing a Victoria's Secret model. According to E! News, Drake is "very interested" in Shanina Shaik. Now, nothing is official, but reports are labeling these two as a soon-to-be couple, and E! news shared a very grainy black and white photo of Drake with a woman, who is supposedly the Australian model.

On Saturday, the two were linked after being spotted at New York City's Buddakan. Apparently, Drake wanted to have some fun after headlining the 2015 Governors Ball music festival, and met up with a group of friends and Shaik. While at the restaurant, a source said Shaik and Drake were very "talkative" and "friendly." It's also been reported the two and a group of the rapper's friends went to the nightclub Opus, where they all had a "great time." Per E!'s source, "Drake looked like he was very interested in Shanina," but the two reportedly went their separate ways at the end of the night.

So, are they or aren't they a couple? Well, nothing has been confirmed yet. Drake and Shaik could just be good friends, or maybe they are in the early stages of dating. Whatever the case, Shaik has a lot to offer and would make a great girlfriend. Here's why:

She's A Successful Model

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This is pretty much a given, but I can't not talk about Shaik's modeling career. At 24 years old, she's become quite the success strutting and posing for Victoria's Secret. If that doesn't say ambitious and determined, I don't know what does.

She Goes After Her Dreams

What's more attractive than someone who goes after what they want? In 2014, Shaik once said about modeling, “I’m a hard worker and I have big dreams. It has always been a dream of mine to walk in a Victoria’s Secret show. I feel honored and humbled to be chosen for a third year." As only the fifth Australian to ever walk in a Victoria's Secret fashion show, I'd say her dreams are coming true.

She Hails From Australia

Hello! Can you imagine how amazing it would be to visit Australia with Shaik? In addition to all of the popular tourist attractions, she probably knows all the ins and outs of her home country that would make for one great tour. Not to mention, you'd probably get to see a different side of Australia. Count. Me. In.

She's An Inspiration

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At a young age, she was bullied in high school. As much as it hurt and affected her, eventually she turned the bullying into something positive. Actually, her experience with bullying led to her career as a model. As she told Life and Times,

I experienced a dark period of bullying in my life during my high school years. Towards the end of it, Girlfriend did a special issue on the subject, asking readers to share their experiences. I had just started to get over it all and I needed to vent, so I wrote to them. I never thought they would publish my story, but they did. The main bully saw the article and gave me so much grief about it, but by then I was sticking to my guns. I felt amazing and so much better. Later that year, I’d worked up the courage to enter the magazine’s national talent contest, where I got my official start as a model and eventually signed to Chic Models, my first agency.

She's A Role Model For Young Girls

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In the same interview with Life and Times, Shaik said she doesn't believe her "good looks" separate her from anyone else. Not only does she believe that being "bullied made [her] a beautiful person," but it also "allows [her] to share [her] experiences with young girls who may be going through the same situation.” She also wants others to realize that they are "unique and important, despite what the people around [them] may say.”

I can see why Drake is reportedly "very interested" in her. Can't you?

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