15 Instagram Photos That Prove Vanessa Hudgens' Style Has Improved Since Becoming Broadway's Gigi

It is not uncommon for actors and actresses to get into character when landing a new role and oftentimes, their new persona shows through their personal style off set, for better or for worse. Vanessa Hudgens' fashion has improved ever since landing the starring role in the Broadway production of Gigi, making me a frequent visitor to her Instagram page.

What is it about Broadway that humbles its actors and actresses? Hollywood celebrities are constantly in the spotlight, splashed across pages of magazines by the rack, seen on television shows, movies, news reports, etc. The majority of Broadway stars perform their craft brilliantly on stage, accept and appreciate the applause and support of their audience members, but at the end of the day are able to go home and lead their lives minus all the hyperactive fame and privacy struggles.

I always felt that Hollywood was a constant job, a constant act. Broadway, however, seemed like the perfect outlet in which one's talent could be displayed on stage with the ability to lead a normal life off set.

Vanessa Hudgens basically grew up on camera. She was cast as Gabriella Montag in Disney Channel’s High School Musical trilogy when she was only 18 and once that chapter in her acting career came to a close, she moved on to a variety of films.


Hudgens' colorful filmography includes starring roles in the 2009 comedy Bandslam, a modernized Beauty and the Beast Beasty, and indie film Spring Breakers alongside Selena Gomez and Pretty Little Liars actress Ashley Benson. It was during this stretch of time that we saw a dramatic change in Hudgens's style — it was safe to say Gabriella was long gone.

Lately, however, we're seeing Vanessa Hudgens transitioning once again in the clothing department. Since landing the role of Broadway's Gigi, the High School Musical actress has packed up her anti-Disney Channel clothes and can be seen strutting the streets of New York in elegant ensembles that show her maturity.

Check out 15 photos from the actress' Instagram feed that prove Vanessa Hudgens' style has vastly improved from her Spring Breaker days.

1. Black and Yellow

Any outfit is complete with a beret.

2. FlynnSkye

If you are equally as obsessed with Vanessa Hudgens' style, the good news is she often credits her ensembles to their creator on Instagram. This black and green floral print dress was designed by Amber Farr, creator of FlynnSkye, an Italian line inspired by Farr's daughter.

3. Post-Show

Once the costumes come off, comfort chic comes into full effect for meet and greets and the occasional reunion. A cropped knit sweater pairs well with a patterned maxi skirt.

4. Summer Lovin'

We weren't the only ones desperately awaiting summer months this winter. Hudgens' posed in this Spell Designs gypsy-inspired maxi dress and hippie shades in February. If you're going to defy the seasons, you might as well do it right.

5. Hats and Shades

This combo though.

6. Bongo

Thank you, Vanessa Hudgens, for opening our eyes to the wonder that is Bongo Jeans with their line inspired by your fab style. You need those floral pants for the love of trendy and comfort.

7. Blunt Bobs and Halter Tops

Complete with delicate pinky and forefinger rings, words cannot explain all the class found in this outfit.

8. Leopard and Jewels

There's something about this blush pink and black color combo that tones down the traditional loud Snooki-from-Jersey-Shore-esque print that I thoroughly admire as well as her beautiful Lili Claspe statement jewelry.

9. NoChella Florals

Vanessa Hudgens opted not to partake in Coachella festivities this year, and though she was missed, I'll accept her #NoChella uniform (this fab Bongo Jeans sundress) as an apology.

10. All Denim Everything

Only Vanessa Hudgens could pair an all denim ensemble with a leather jacket and accessorize with a brown belt. Breaking the rules of fashion have never looked so good.

11. Dressing and Dining

Vanessa Hudgens can't get enough of FlynnSkye, and after this roundup, neither can I! Who doesn't want this as a summer brunch staple?

12. Red Lips And Starry Suits

Vanessa Hudgens is definitely taking a dip into fashions past and I'm loving the inspo.

13. Cover Girl

It really says a lot about a celeb when her dress down style looks just as fab as her magazine cover.

14. Lady in Red

Who looks that good when they go shopping?! Vanessa Hudgens.

15. Tony Awards

All the elegance.