This School's Dress Code Inclusivity Is AMAZING

Usually, when you hear about a school telling its students what to hear, it's facepalm city, so when I read about a Bangkok University's latest, gender inclusive dress code, I was incredibly impressed (and relieved). With typical dress code issues at schools usually ranging from Yearbook photos getting clothes photoshopped on to young women being banished from prom for wearing "revealing" dresses to daring to wear pants, transgender girls getting fined for wearing a skirt to school — well, you get the picture; there's a lot of disappointing school dress code rules being enforced these days. Bangkok University, on the other hand, is really getting things right: The Bangkok University School of Fine and Applied Arts recently released little advertorials on how their students should dress for class, and they included options for their transgender students as well! The school posted the dress code pictorials along with a note:

Here’s the uniform for alternative genders. We, the School of Fine and Applied Arts has an open view on sexuality, but let’s dress appropriately to follow the rules.

The ads themselves are nothing short of adorable, and all four gender identities represented look equally fabulous: The woman's shown rocking a long pleated skirt with a tucked-in white blouse, the man's wearing a white button-down, purple tie, and trousers — and the "ladyboys" and "tomboys" are encouraged to wear any combination of the above, with added personal style to spare. It's especially cool that the ads specifically address the fact that their trans students should feel comfortable expressing any facet of their gender identity, be it with a skirt, or with a stylish purple tie and slacks (and/or super-skinny jeans). Let's take a look:

Basically, the message is, "Come to school looking professional (and fab)." No caveats or strings attached. I mean, how cool is it that they included trans-inclusive options? Plus, all iterations of the school's uniform are pretty stylish — I know where I'll be heading if I ever decide to go back to school for fine arts.

Images: Bangkok University School of Fine and Applied Arts/Facebook