Kid Who Broke His Arm Is High-larious On Pain Meds

As a prelude to this #BreakTheInternet status video, let's first make sure you know what David After the Dentist is. Here's a quick recap: David went to the dentist. The dentist gave him a lot of something (hopefully just laughing gas) and on the car ride home he made several hilarious exclamations, including, "Is This Real Life?" It went megaviral. Like, think Marnie the Dog times 8,000. Well, four days ago Walter broke his arm and now he's about to oust David from his position of "child star" (or "hilarious kid that was prescribed a ton of medication, pulled a few shenanigans and then had parents who decided to make it into a YouTube video").

These parents, am I right?

For better or worse, we are still giving these kids a (small) dose of prescription drugs here or there, and parents are still capturing it on camera. This trend will always bewilder me a little. (Mostly the latter part, I'm fine with the kids taking a reasonable amount of drugs to keep them pain free post-surgery.) And yet misgivings aside, here I am watching this video and I'm not going to lie: Walter's funny. Like, not Louis C.K. level LOLZ, but his "LOOK AT MY CAST" rant is pretty giggle worthy.

This is some serious (drug-induced) glee:

The video description is everything I've ever wanted to read:

1. He fell off a rope swing2. He broke his arm in two places. The break was too severe to reset his arm while he was awake. 3. They used a combination of ketamine and Propofol. Commonly used for children.

(Um, pretty sure ketamine is also used as horse tranquilizer.)

Watch the full video:

Now seems like an ideal time to do a side-by-side comparison with David After Dentist:

This seems like an unhealthy game of 'Would You Rather?' waiting to happen.

Images: YouTube(2)