Demi Lovato's Celebrates #NoMakeupMonday

If there's any celebrity I can count on for a good selfie, it's definitely Demi Lovato. Demi celebrated #NoMakeupMonday with a makeup-free selfie for and it was completely flawless. If you follow Lovato's Instagram, you know that she tends to post a lot of pics with no makeup on, and I'm seriously all for it. The singer's photo really showcased her beautiful freckles, radiant complexion, and rosy cheeks. She's literally glowing.

We could all seriously use a little more makeup-less selfie love in our lives. I mean, it really is great seeing celebs au natural and in their own skin. I honestly don't think I'll ever get tired of it. With all the negativity towards body image, it's refreshing to see Hollywood stand up against it. And for Demi, who's always been known to advocate for self-confidence and fight against body shaming, she's really become a true inspiration.

Promoting her line Devonne By Demi, the 22-year-old encouraged the rest of her fans and followers to follow her example. She explained, "Happy #NMM everybody!! Send me your beautiful bare faces and if you have #DevonneByDemi take a picture with your favorite product".

After seeing this selfie, I'm pretty much ready to join #NMM too. BRB while I go take a non-makeup selfie.

Thanks Demi, for continually inspiring us to be ourselves.