Aly Michalka Got Married In A Stunning Bridal Gown

Well folks, wedding season is officially taking its course and bridal gowns are definitely on point. Former Disney Star Aly Michalka just got married in a lavender dress that was completely gorgeous. Not sure if I'm more surprised that this bridal gown actually exists or that Aly Michalka is actually married now. It seems like she was on Phil of the Future just yesterday. Ugh, absolutely loved that show.

But wait, can we please take a moment to note that beautiful gown of hers? The lavender/floral ensemble made Aly look like she popped right out of a storybook fairytale. The embellished headband and mesh design gave her vintage-looking dress a more modern feel that was just perfect.

In other words, this bridal dress totally looked great on Aly and we're so happy for the newlyweds.

Celebrating their wedding in Italy, the 26-year old actress and now husband Stephen Ring tied the knot after dating for two years. The pair looked absolutely lovely and celebrated with friends and family.

One of her best friends, Mikaela Hoover, captioned a video on Instagram, "Congratulations to one of my dearest friends and the most beautiful bride @alyrenae78. Today was a fairytale".

And fortunately for us, Mikaela captured Aly's amazing dress in it's full glory:

Just so beautiful: