Olivia & Johannes Shares Their Beauty Routines

The couple who grooms together, stays together. At least, that's the strategy one super hot couple. Socialite Olivia Palermo and her model husband Johannes Huebl share beauty routines, and dished on what products neither can live without.

The It couple caught up with Yahoo earlier this week at The Art of Shaving launch of The Morris Park Collection, a series of new razors inspired by New York’s Morris Park racetrack and the vintage cars that first raced at the venue. Turns out, they steal products from each other and borrow beauty strategies from each other.

"We have a shower that we share, and when she come out she always smells great," Huebl said.

And what does Palermo love about her man's skincare? Sunscreen. According to Yahoo News, she's got some sticky fingers and likes to steal Huebl's sunscreen while on vacay.

"Since I was a child, I’ve always had a very high maintenance routine," she said. "My baby nurse and mother had me on a strict schedule and it just never changed."

This is why they're famous: if I borrowed my husband's beauty routine, I'd smell like Irish Spring. Also, I finally established a reliable bathing routine, oh, last year.

Both were huge fans of the British-inspired look and feel of The Morrie Park Collection. To see a sneak peek, and read the rest of the interview to see what products they can't live without, head over to Yahoo News.