Guy Does The Same Dance In 100 Places

Guys, I finally found the solution to that pesky "free time" problem we've all encountered in adulthood: Just follow the lead of this guy who does the same dance in 100 places. You'll never have to worry about your financial and personal obligations again! For real, though, I think we all need to adopt a little bit of the life philosophy of Matt Bray, the star of "100 Places Of Dance." On his YouTube channel ProjectOneLife, he encourages viewers to follow his lead and live life to the fullest, which he is doing by crossing things off his bucket list. This insane compilation of human triumph is just one of the many things he has set his sights on accomplishing.

I don't even want to know how many bajillions of hours it took to edit this literal piece of perfection. All of the cuts between the 100 places Matt dances are finished so flawlessly that it looks like one continuous dance all over the city of Chicago. Like, I'm starting to suspect that he and the camera person secretly had instant transmission powers and just teleported all over the place while he danced.

Shout out to Bray's sister, who filmed all of these shenanigans. In the end it was well worth the effort:

Has anybody seen my ability to "can even"? I appear to have lost it somewhere between takes of this dance. Bray says that learning to dance was #22 on his bucket list, and I'd say he has more than crushed it. Talk about going above and beyond. Here's the full video, if you're ready to get your mind blown:

Image: YouTube(4)