There Might Be Hope For Maxlor On 'Finding Carter'

At this point, does anyone really expect Taylor to forgive and forget about Max and Carter hooking up on Finding Carter ? As much as I want a Maxlor reunion and more crouton-making in Season 2, I wouldn't be surprised if that wasn't possible. It's been a rough season for Taylor thus far and if she was so opposed to being understanding of Max working through his issues with Crash and being shot, it seems totally insane to think that she'd just forgive Max and Carter. Right? Well, in this sneak peek of Tuesday night's "Wrecking Ball," it looks like Taylor might forgive Max in the end. I guess Max repeating, "We were broken up," over and over again during their talk at the cabin might've really gotten through to her.

Last Tuesday's trip to the cabin ended with Taylor finding Carter's necklace in the bed of Max's truck and Max looking like he lost his ability to form sentences. But, if this clip is any indication, Max found the words and he definitely confessed to some part of what happened between him and Carter that night. I say "some part" because, obviously, Max clearly didn't go into detail if Taylor doesn't know who kissed who and exactly what went down after Carter and Max's emotional trip to see Lori. And, even though she says she doesn't want to know, it really seems like she does.

This is a tough situation for Taylor — considering everything she's been through already in Season 2 — she always knew that Max and Carter had history, but now it's something that's actually affected her feelings for Max. Will knowing who initiated this situation make it any easier for her? Probably not. But, by the way their conversation left off, it seems like Taylor's really weighing whether or not this is something that should break Maxlor up forever. It's 100 percent awful and things will definitely be different, but maybe this isn't the end of our favorite Finding Carter 'ship after all.

Image: screengrab/MTV