Kate Moss' Playboy Bunny Photo Ignites Controversy

Playboy may not be your go-to newsstand purchase, but you might be more tempted to pick up an upcoming issue of the publication: Kate Moss will be featured in Playboy 's January/February 2014 Issue, and as a delightful surprise, the magazine just released a preview of the piquant photo spread.

Moss’s Playboy debut has already sparked a vigorous discussion online, with commentators questioning whether the shoot is empowering or a repeat of the “Blurred Lines” debacle. Moss is not exactly known for her chastity in the face of the camera, but toeing the line between liberating and downright submissive in such a controversial publication is a risky move.

Playboy's legendary architect Hugh Hefner told the Daily Mail he feels that the spread will in fact be tasteful, due to Moss's reputation as a couture darling and a household name:

BlackBook's Alyssa Shapiro applauds Moss for proudly displaying her body at an age when many women eschew even mini skirts:

At The Daily Caller, writer Taylor Bigler faults both Moss and Playboy for the photo spread, which she believes will cause a social media frenzy despite Moss being insignificant and the magazine a relic of the past:

Jimmy Jellineck, editorial director of Playboy, seconded Hefner's statement and cited a mutually beneficial union between the magazine and the model as reason enough for the photo spread:

Whether or not the rest of the photo spread will live up to the first image's racy precedent remains to be seen, but Playboy is certainly still living up to its notorious reputation in its 60th year. And the Internet seems to be largely supportive of Moss for rocking a corset and bunny ears at the ripe age of 39, so here's hoping ageists everywhere take note and allow 40-year-olds the occasional mini skirt.

Image: Playboy/Twitter