Which 'Mockingjay' Trailer Is More Epic?

New doesn't necessarily mean better — or does it? That is one of the many questions that come to mind when watching the trailer for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay — Part 2 and comparing it to the trailer for Mockingjay — Part 1 . In the newest preview, we finally witness Katniss Everdeen prepare to lead the Rebellion against the Capitol’s evil, oppressive regime. Everdeen’s scant presence and a total no-show from Peeta Mellark in Part 1's trailer made a lot of people sad, myself included. I guess it’s obvious by now that, in my humble opinion, the trailer for Part 2 is indeed, far more epic than its predecessor. So, in this case, new and improved wins hands down over familiarity and a lack of face time for Katniss and Peeta.

Allow me to present a more symbolic description of the stark differences between the trailers — watching Mockingjay — Part 2 helped me imagine what Lorde must be feeling when she dances to “Yellow Flicker Beat.” while Mockingjay — Part 1, well, didn’t. Not to say that they aren't both great suspense-building teasers in their own right, but the way that this Part 2 trailer burst out of the gates with energy, suspense and, of course, all rebellion imagery, it’s clearly the better of the two.

To get an idea of the epic greatness to which I am referring, here’s the trailer for Mockingjay Part 2 below, followed by a brief comparison of the two previews.

2014: The aircraft lands in one of the districts.

This couldn't be a more grim, tense intro, especially knowing the ramifications of the impending Rebellion.

2015: We're cordially invited to attend Annie and Finnick’s wedding.

Unlike the first shot for the Part 1 trailer, this scene almost fools you into thinking is Panem isn't on the verge of a full-out war.

2012: Plutarch Heavensbee and President Alma Coin disagree on Katniss' abilities.

Meanwhile, Katniss walks though a room of downtrodden, fearful citizens.

2015: Effie Trinket applauds the marriage, followed by a large group dancing.

It's like the "P" in Panem stands for party.

2012: Katniss' supporters Gale and Cressida appear.

We know without a doubt that they both have Katniss' back.

2015: Katniss meets with Effie and declares that "Snow has to pay for what he's done."

This scene couldn't be more different than Part 1 because it shows Katniss acting on her own in the presence of someone who wouldn't think of supporting the rebellion — at first.

2012: The Capitol military attacks.

The enemy mercilessly takes out people.

2015: The Capitol plots.

Things may look calm, but we all know that, in no time, the Capitol will unleash yet another terrifying assault on its citizens.

2012: The people look to Katniss.

As Katniss strolls through the crowd, she encounters faces of uncertainty with a glimmer of hope.

2015: Katniss and Gale stand with the people as they applaud.

While the reason for cheering is unclear, the people appear upbeat and encouraged.

2012: The citizens ask if Katniss plans to join them in the fight.

And she looks absolutely terrified when she says yes.

2015: Katniss turns her weapon to the Capitol.

She looks like a total boss in this moment.

2012: President Snow bans the Mockingjay symbol.

Typical insecure evil tyrant behavior.

2015: Katniss and Peeta embrace.

Rebels, FTW.

Honestly, the only thing that's not epic about Mockingjay — Part 2 is when the November release date flashes across the screen. SIGH. This will be the most painful five-month wait ever.

Images: Lionsgate (15)