When Is 'The Bachelorette' Finale?

Don't run away, there aren't any spoilers here that are going to ruin The Bachelorette season for you. We're just going to casually talk about when The Bachelorette finale will air and how it will end, without saying any names. This season of The Bachelorette has probably been one of the most discussed seasons because of the controversy created from the "Brokeback Bachelor" promos and Kaitlyn having sex with one of the men. But before we know it, these things will be a thing of the past, because the finale will come and we will move on to another Bachelor season soon enough.

The Bachelorette finale always tends to err on the side of the dramatic and oh-so-teased by producers of the show, so how long will you have to wait until you're threatened with the most dramatic final rose ceremony ever? Although the official date hasn't been released, think end of July. That's about the same time Andi Dorfman's season ended (July 28), and will most likely be the same time for Kaitlyn's season. That means there's still plenty of time for this season to break even more rules of Bachelorette seasons past — and I'm all for that! Let's shake things up, shall we?

As for what we can expect from The Bachelorette finale, my BFFs at Reality Steve have spilled a little information regarding what we can expect from the finale. First of all, it has been revealed that the overnight dates for the final three contestants will be in Ireland this season. I won't say names, but that's where the fantasy dates go down.

As for the final rose? Well that's going to stay local, as in, that will take place at the Bachelor Mansion in Los Angeles. (Warning: click at your own risk of reading names of contestants who make it to the final two.) I don't know if there was a limited budget this year, but a final rose ceremony in Los Angeles seems a little plain Jane. If anything, it's throwing it back all the way to earlier seasons, when glamorous trips to the crevices of the world weren't a thing for the franchise.

So come end of July — once The Men Tell All airs — expect the finale of The Bachelorette to air and for Kaitlyn to name the man who has won her heart... In the most. Dramatic. Final. Rose. Ceremony. Ever.

Image: Craig Sjodin/ABC; Giphy