Brittany Snow Had A Bad Wax Experience

What's your biggest beauty regret? Probably the uber-thin eyebrows of the early 2000s, getting a perm, or deciding that last-minute, cheap self-tanner was a good idea. For one celebrity, her beauty blunder was so horrifying she's sworn off ever attempting it again. Brittany Snow's bad wax job was traumatizing, to the say the least.

“I once went to a lady for the first time who was going to wax my eyebrows, and she told me I needed to wax my entire face,” she admits. “I have very, very sensitive skin, and my face did not like being waxed, so I broke out and then had to go to Vegas to promote Hairspray. In pictures I look like I’m terribly sunburned, but really it was a reaction to the wax. Never again.”

Oh, burn. Literally. Snow is known for her upbeat roles, from TV series American Dream to movies Pitch Perfect and Pitch Perfect 2. Her bubbly, lovable characters are always positive, even when facing a case of nodes (shoutout to die hard PP fans). So did she bounce back from this real life crisis? For sure, It's nothing a quality moisturizer and a coat of mascara can't fix.

“I constantly am putting on La Mer Moisturizing Lotion to keep me moisturized,” she says. “I also can’t live without Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage and Maybelline [New York] Great Lash Mascara. Sometimes, those three [products] are all I wear.”

She also dished to PEOPLE magazine about her hair care routine, and how she keeps those blonde tresses looking beautiful.

“Growing up in Florida and having naturally curly hair was a bit tough,” she says. “I had to learn to do treatments and masks to keep the frizz under control. Now, I love Kerastase and Moroccanoil products.”

Wait, she has naturally curly hair? That's news to me. Rock those ringlets, girl.

Snow talked about her tried and true go-to skincare item. It hasn't changed since high school, because you know what they say: if it's not broke, leave it the hell alone. While some articles claim switching up your skincare routine will keep your face fresh, it's a safe bet to stick to what you know and what works. Example? Snow's beloved Biore strips.

"They were always something I used as a teenager,” she tells PEOPLE of the product. “[Biore] asked me to be [its] spokesperson, and I was excited since they also teamed up with my charity, Love Is Louder, to bring awareness of mental health and positivity.”

With a cause like that, how could you not be a fan?