How Much Is Polly Pocket Really Worth?

She may have been an adorable doll, a reliable childhood friend, and the toy most likely to get stuck in that weird crevice in your car seat — but one thing that a Polly Pocket doll isn't is a financial investment. Because —despite some recent articles that have claimed that Polly Pocket play sets are among the vintage '90s toys selling for big bucks on eBay — Polly's resale value may be more diminutive that previously reported. Our recent search of Polly Pocket dolls on eBay showed that, for the most part, the itty bitty doll is worth an itty bitty amount of money.

Not to throw any shade at Polly herself about it, though — the Polly Pocket doll, which originated in Germany and first hit U.S. shelves in 1989 courtesy of the Bluebird Toys company and Mattel, was one of the most popular toys of the '90s. The doll and her friends eventually expanded into a mini-empire of videos, books, websites, and medium-sized dolls, too. But while we all have nostalgia for the tiny girl with the snap-on clothes, the facts are that you're probably not gonna put your future kids through college by selling dear old Polly and her pals on eBay.

Which is not to say that Polly Pocket dolls won't make you any bank; a few rare Polly sets were going for upwards of $100 today on eBay. But for the more common sets, the prices were notably lower (and none of them even approached many standard Beanie Baby prices).

The bright side of all this? If you've been wanting to buy all your childhood faves that your parents threw out when you left for college, you can scoop up some truly choice Polly Pocket stock right now for less than you'd spend on a weekend night out.

Now, can we finally talk about how her house kinda looks like a birth control pill container?

1. Polly's Beach House (1989)

Part of the original line of toys, this gently-used play set depicting Polly and friends enjoying some downtime by the beach can be had right now for $21.

2. Polly's Flat (1989)

Also part of the original line of Polly Pocket products, this set — which depicts Polly's swinging bachelorette pad — can be had on eBay for a wide variety of prices, from $33 all the way down to $15.10. I know she's a tiny plastic doll, but I kinda hate her for having such a nice terrace (yes, folks, this is what dealing with New York City real estate will do to you).

3. Water Fun Park (1990)

This set features a water slide that connects a water park to what appears to be the bathroom of a regular house — just like you always pictured in elementary school! It's currently priced at $8.99, but with two days left on the auction, the price could conceivably jump. Doll-less versions of the set are selling for $9.99 to $19.99.

4. Camp Days Locket (1991)

This mint condition Camp Days Locket — a medium-sized necklace that opens into an outdoorsy play set — could be yours for $35. I mean, what were you even going to do with your next $35? You were going to spend it on hot wings and we both know it, OK? So why not spend it on this cute nostalgia collectible instead? If you wear it as a necklace, you can play with it and eat the hot wings at the same time.

5. Jeweled Sea (1992)

You could be taking Polly on deep sea adventures with this set, which is available in mint condition for only $32.80. Ooh, imagine if you made a video that was like The Life Aquatic, but with an all Pocket people cast? The internet would eat that up. What are you waiting for?!

6. Dazzling Dog Show (1993)

Remember when you were a little girl, and dreamed of growing up and having a cool apartment that was located inside a giant dog's head? Well, this is as close as you're ever gonna get — and at $15, that's the cheapest combination apartment/ dog head on the market (and trust me, I've been looking!).

7. Babytime Fun (1994)

Now we're finally getting into some stuff you can be pissed at your parents for throwing out. This set — which comes with two babies not much smaller than Polly herself, which really leaves you with a lot of big questions about the Pocket family in general — could have nabbed you a cool $44.95.

8. Glitter Island (1995)

How did this tiny doll get on this desert island with only a monkey for company? I have no idea, but she seems like she's having a good time, so let's not bother her, eh? If you hadn't broken this by throwing it at your sister while you two were fighting about the Power Rangers in 1996, you could now be selling this island play set for a cool $49.99.

9. Sweet Treat Shoppe (1996)

Finally, a set to live up to the big money hype. This rare candy shop set will nab you $135 on the open market. I mean, I know you can't put a price on your childhood...but if you were going to, these are some pretty good prices.

Images: Herry Lawford/ Flickr, eBay