Americans Try To Guess Australian Sex Slang

I've never had sex with an Australian, but it's definitely on my bucket list. (What? Sex bucket lists are a thing.) Unfortunately, I'm growing a little concerned that I might be romanticizing it. In my mind, Aussie sex means an extremely tall, tan, gorgeous gentleman that talks about and/or eats vegemite un-ironically. And, like, that's the dream. But after watching the video on Americans trying to guess Australian sex slang, I'm pretty skeptical. (Of all the things Australians miss when they move away, their sex slang can't possibly be one of them.)

The basic premise of the video is to introduce Americans to Australian sex slang. They gauge the Americans reaction, and then have them guess what each word means. It seems to me that words like "clacker" and "gobby" can't help set a mood in the way you might hope. But apparently people are using this sex jargon to get laid down under, so God bless. (It's important to note that it's not like we've gotten a lot of good/sexy love ballads out of Australia. I'm sorry, but is there anything by Men At Work will put people in a frisky mood?)

Anyway, if you're considering moving to Brisbane, or touring the Great Barrier Reef this summer, you should know what you're getting into.

If you want to go to Australia and skip the sex altogether, that's a perfectly reasonable reaction. (In fact, I've done exactly that and still had an amazing trip.) But if you're set on getting some Aussie a$$ (already regretting that phrasing), at least you now know this video is better than a sex phrase pocket dictionary.

Images: YouTube