Hilary Duff Is A True Twenty-Something

I have heard it professed ad nauseam that our twenties are our “selfish years.” I’d tend to agree, but selfishness isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. Because, with selfishness, comes the misunderstanding that no one else can comprehend what you’re going through, or what it’s like to be you. And, I’m here to tell you that just ain’t true. It may feel like no one else has experienced the plights you have in your life, but you should know that for better or worse, you aren’t alone. As evidenced by Hilary Duff’s candid Instagram account, even those who seem to have it all, like our favorite celebrities, experience the same issues you do as a twenty-something.

If you don’t believe it, you should start. Or really, you should just follow the Younger actress to feel a little less alone in the world. With the typical pictures you and your friends post — like Starbucks cups and selfies with your dog — Duff proves she’s on the same wacky roller coaster we’re all on. And, it doesn’t matter that her name is in lights, she’s got it rough like us, too. Here are the 11 times Duff absolutely epitomized what it is to be a twenty-something.

1. Being Tired And Wired

Not pictured: The venti latte with double shots of espresso she most likely just imbibed.

2. Trying To Keep The Kid At Heart Alive

Which is best done with real kids who are sweet and fun and not yet jaded by the world.

3. Mastering The Selfie

Nailed it.

4. Maintaining Your Most Important Relationships: Those With Your Best Friend And Your Dog

The loves of your life.

5. Finally Having The Funds And Courage To Be The Fashionista You Know You Are At Heart

Or, for us normals, at least trying to be.

6. Reveling In Throwback Pics

Especially when they're this good.

7. Experimenting With Edgy Looks

So fab.

8. Having A Preoccupation With Your Local Barista

Though ours is usually centered around our misspelled name, not personalized love notes.

9. Vocalizing Your Wine And Sushi Affinity

Diet staples, for sure.

10. Appreciating The Beauty And Luxury Of Traveling

...And Dave Matthews Band

11. Realizing That Maturity Is Championing A Well Rested Body And Mind Over Partying

Albeit, at first, begrudgingly.

Keep doing you, Hilary. You're giving all of us someone to really relate to.