Nylon's Coffee Culture Tee Sums Up Your Addiction

by Julia Guerra

Congratulations on getting through mournful Monday, but now it’s Tuesday and you’re plugging away to make it to middle-of-the-week Wednesday which is almost thirsty Thursday which is basically Friday… right? Nylon magazine's deal of the day is a coffee culture tee that totally understands your pain. The shirt defines the embroidered-in-bold term "depresso" as simply “when you are out of coffee.” What is life without caffeine — and clothing that clearly labels you an addict?

Every time I go shopping, without fail, I gravitate toward any and every graphic tee that is pro coffee culture. An addict myself, I feel the need to exploit my infatuation with caffeine. It all started when my mom would pour me a baby cup on Sunday mornings when I was five years old. When I hit high school, holding a Starbucks cup was an instant initiation into the hipster/artsy crowd. I always have been a writer, after all, and you know what they say about artists and their vices — we just can’t shake them.

Once college came around, forget it. Coffee was my lifeline. My number one push to get through an all-nighter of cramped hands and textbook browsing eyeballs and my pick me up in the AM hours.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but nothing says “rough morning” like a venti Americano from Starbucks or extra large iced coffee from Dunkin'. No camera at the ready? Coffee pot empty? Have no fear, graphic tees are here to inform the world of our morning woes and caffeine addiction.

Check out 11 coffee inspired graphic tees that understand all the caffeine feels.

1. Depresso

Depresso Definition T-Shirt, $34, Nylon

Because a morning without coffee is a dark one, my friend.

2. No Coffee No Workee

From Phoenix With Love No Coffee No Workee t-shirt, $35, Nylon

We need caffeine to function. We cannot work if we cannot function.

3. Coffee Before Anything

Spikes and Seams Coffee Before Anything Cutoff, $26, Nylon

That sums it up nicely.

4. No Coffee? Ugh, Depresso

No Coffee Graphic Tee, $16, Forever 21

Ugh indeed.

5. Will Work For Coffee

The Laundry Room Coffee Tee, $66, shopbop

Need a favor? Throw in a grande caramel macchiato and you've got yourself a deal.

6. OK But First Coffee

Ten Sixty Sherman Graphic Tee, $24, Nordstrom


7. I Need Coffee

Coffee Graphic Sleep Shirt, $11, Forever 21

Wake up in the mornin' feelin' like "I need coffee."

8. Good Mood Sponsored By Coffee

Women's Coffee Tank Top, $22, etsy

If it's a good cup, it's a good day.

9. Good Coffee Good Morning

Good Coffee Good Morning Cropped 80's Shirt, $21, etsy

It all depends on that first sip.

10. All I Care About Is Coffee

All I Care About is Coffee T-Shirt, $17, Zazzle

Okay, so many not all I care about, but I mean, it's up there.

11. Happiness Against Monday

Happiness Against Monday Tee, $38, shopbop

Fight the Mondays, drink the all coffee.

Images: Courtesy Brands