Animals Pals Lending A Helping Paw (or Flipper)

My favorite part of Disney movies is that all the different animals get along and help each other and just seem like great pals. I have always wanted to see that happen in real life, and today I got my wish when two hippos helped rescue a baby duckling at the Blijdorp Zoo in the Netherlands. You're already hooked, aren't you?

Hippos are generally regarded as highly dangerous and very cranky, a fact I learned from watching them eat zebras in every nature documentary ever produced. It's like, their ears and their four giant teeth are so cute in an alien kind of way, but their temperament is such that I'm just really not about their style. Until now. Now I love them.

The premise of this wildly cute video is this: A baby duckling is stuck in the hippo pool and cannot get out because it's too tiny and helpless. Its mom is chillin' with the rest of the babies elsewhere, while the little duckling squeaks so loudly and you're like "Oh. NO!" And then, out of nowhere, hippos float to the rescue.

But these two hippos, who create a sort of stepping stool with their noses so the duckling can climb out of the pool, are not the only altruistic animals that have been caught on film. Oh, no, no — on the contrary. Upon doing some research I've found that, in fact, there are an immense number of beastly pals, all on YouTube, ready for me to watch and cry about over lunch. Here are five of them, because you know you want to experience the wonder, too.

1. Chimpanzee Gives Tiger Cub A Snack

I'm screaming. It's too cute.

2. Horse Helps Cat Scratch An Itch

And on top of everything else, they're French.

3. Jack Russell Terriers Adopt Tiger and Teach Him How To Have Fun

Okay well it's not like Jack Russells are my favorite breed of dog or whatever like this is so dumb.

4. Dolphins Save Baby Seal from Drowning

Even the voiceover dude's weird stage whispering won't ruin this for me.

5. Jesse the Springer Spaniel Gives Orphaned Lamb A Bottle

Jesse is the best big brother in all the land.

Images: Martin Heigan/Flickr