6 Reasons Why 'Full House' Had The Best Theme Song Of All Time

OK, real talk time: Is there any television theme song better than the Full H ouse one? The song, "Everywhere You Look" was written and performed by Jesse Frederick, who also wrote the themes for Family Matters, Step by Step, and Perfect Strangers. I'll accept that Netflix's upcoming spin off Fuller House is its own show, but if it doesn't have the old theme song, I'm going to have to ask — sorry, I can't help myself — whatever happened to predictability?

Sure, the lyrics don't always make sense. (How can a light carry me home?) Yeah, the Full House theme has some pretty tough competition. Cheers and The Jeffersons are classics, and the Fresh Prince lyrics are pretty much universal. But, is it really controversial to call this the best of all time?

In terms of songs that just make you feel good with or without your favorite show to back it up, the Full House theme is something special. It's full of heart (there's a heart), and it can cheer you up at any time. Tanner family members may come and go, but "Everywhere You Look" will live forever because of these choice elements:

1. It Taught You Geography/Architecture


You never forgot which bridge is in San Francisco, did you?

2. It Always Kills At A Capella Concerts

tarheelnell on YouTube

Don't act like you didn't squeal every time a group broke out into this in college.

3. Even The Full House Cast Can't Get Enough

Jeff Franklin on YouTube

They sang it for creator Jeff Franklin at his birthday party. Look at all that love!

4. It Was Way Ahead Of Its Time


Maybe my New England childhood was more Norman Rockwell than I thought. I'm pretty sure I had a milkman, a paperboy, and the evening TV in the early 1990s. Today, on the other hand, those things are harder to come by. Was the Full House theme predicting the future?

5. It Makes Other Shows Better

SawyerLittleton on YouTube

There are tons of these theme-swaps on Youtube with every show from Breaking Bad to The Lizzie Bennet Diaries getting the Full House treatment. This one with Lost is one of my faves. Wouldn't it have been nice if all of Lost's problems and mysteries were solved in under a half hour with a hug?

Leah on YouTube

Game of Thrones is also about a lot of twisty extended families, after all. Ayra and Sansa are totally just like Michelle and Stephanie, right?

Yeesh Kabob on YouTube

Finally, because of course, Full House of Cards.

6. Even Youths Know It

REACT on YouTube

In this Youtube challenge, the Full House theme was the second-most recognized by kids today, right behind The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Score one for the Tanners!

Images: Screengrab/Warner Bros. Television; Giphy (2)