Let's Talk About The 'Full House' Theme Song

Ah, do you remember the simple days of sitcom theme songs, when there were actual words that you could sing along with? I do. It was a beautiful time where every tune was happy and uplifting, just like Full House 's theme song. In fact, I'm pretty positive that the Full House theme song is so captivating that people are forced to sing along when they hear it. They don't sing because they actually want to sing; they sing because they're compelled to join in on the fun. It's just that musically mesmerizing. For all we know, it could secretly be a hypnotic song that's been controlling us for almost two entire decades (remind anyone of the song from the Josie and the Pussycats ?).

So what do we even really know about this song? Like, who sings it? Who wrote it? And what's its real title? I'm guessing it's not "the Full House theme song." Well, turns out "Everywhere You Look" was co-written and performed by a man named Jesse Frederick, who also wrote the theme songs for Family Matters , Perfect Strangers, and Step by Step, along with Bennett Salvay. Okay, wait, what? Were they the only musicians ABC was comfortable asking to write songs for them? Creepy. (Note: now it definitely makes sense why all of those songs sound eerily the same. I just thought it was a weird '90s thing.)

Unlike some theme songs that were cut from songs that had already been made, such as Freaks and Geeks using Joan Jett's "Bad Reputation" or Gilmore Girls using Carol King's "Where You Lead," Full House's theme song was specifically written for the show. Because of that, what we originally heard during the opening credits was the entire song. The loophole here is that the versions of the song that were used, changed from season to season.

For example, in one version, the lines are "You miss your old familiar friends/ But waiting just around the bend," but in another version, the lines are "How did I get to living here?/ Somebody tell me please" (although it actually seems like people can't decide if it's "to living here" or "delivered here"). Tricky, tricky. You can take a look at the the more common (and shortened) version we see on reruns and the longer versions that were used throughout the series' run on ABC in the videos below. But don't worry, they still all end with "Chip-a-dee-ba-ba-dow."

Unfortunately for fans of '90s theme songs, according to Splitsider, Frederick and Salvay's career came to a halt when the pair went their separate ways after the Olsen twin's Two of a Kind pretty much failed (thanks a lot, Mary-Kate and Ashley). And although all we can do is hope that the musical duo will eventually miss the good ol' days and band back together, for now we're left with countless syndicated reruns and YouTube clips to satiate our Full House theme song cravings.

Images: ABC; giphy