9 Things Diehard Christina Aguilera Fans Know

by Kenya Foy

Not to start an all-out war between people who are die-hard Christina Aguilera fans, but just in case you’re wondering: there are, in fact, levels to Xtina’s fan base, and there are just some things that true Christina Aguilera fans — aka, the ones who've stuck with her from "Reflection" to The Voice — know to be true.

Similar to the knowledge one picks up after closely following any subject for a length of time, true Xtina fans have a great deal of knowledge about the singer — and probably all share numerous experiences as a result of being a diehard fan of hers.

If you have any confusion whatsoever about which side of the Aguilera fan fence you fall on, though, consider today your lucky day. It’s all good if you only know her as the divalicious blonde judge on The Voice, or even you weren’t on #TeamXtina before she sang with Adam Levine on "Moves Like Jagger" — the more fans the merrier, of course. But, if you're learning more about the singer, it might be time to step your game up so that your Aguilera knowledge is on par with that of diehard Xtina fans, who definitely know these nine facts about the sultry songstress:

She Initially Wasn't The Biggest Fan Of "Genie In A Bottle"

This almost seems like an unforgivable offense, but real Christina fans came to terms with her initial "Genie" dislike a long time ago.

The DJ Played "Genie In A Bottle" At Her Boyfriend's High School Prom

Sweet, right? According to Aguilera, she was surrounded by a batch of grade-A haters who left the dance floor after hearing the song's intro.

She Once Dated One Of Her Dancers

No, it wasn't that guy. Aguilera dated her backup dancer Jorge Santos, who apparently inspired the songs "Infatuation" and "Underappreciated" off the singer's Stripped album.

She Was A Mousketeer

Aguilera appeared on the Mickey Mouse Club alongside fellow future pop stars Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake.

She Appeared On Star Search

Years before Aguilera made it to global popstar status, the then 9-year-old showed off her insane vocal runs with soulful rendition of Etta James' "A Sunday Kind of Love." Real Xtina fans also know she hates watching the old performance footage.

She's A Homebody At Heart

Back in her "Dirrty" days she may have spent a lot of time dancing on tabletops, but these days Aguilera prefers family time with her children, Max and Summer Rain.

She Fully Embraces Her Sexuality

Aguilera's always been unapologetically sexy.

She's An Outspoken Feminist

See the lyrics and video for "Can't Hold Us Down."

She Has The Best Vocal Runs Everrr

Some may find this debatable, but her real fans know that Aguilera's amazing vocal runs are second to none.

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