7 Types of Underwear Every Woman Should Own, From The Seamless Thong To The Boy Boxer

Panties: I have such a love/hate relationship with this particular undergarment. The right pair can you make you feel like the hot sexy goddess momma you are, but get the wrong pair and it's like OH LORD *PULL SCRATCH PULL.* Plus, different types of underwear require different occasions. Ain't no way you're wearing your black boy shorts with that sheer skirt or putting in the effort of a thong only to get lost under some flowy floor length dress. So, what's a girl to do? Get the 7 essential pairs of panties every woman should own.

Since my opinion is only one and I actually often go commando (shhh!), I made sure to group chat all my best friends for their undie necessity advice as well. So now I'm awkwardly receiving text messages of panties and thongs while sitting in this coffeeshop, and you have the most thorough list possible. Before you go out and snag your next pair after scrolling through this list, make sure you've scanned this set of underwear mishaps to avoid. And if you're feeling particularly feminist fierce, don't miss these panty ideas as well! Good luck my friend, may you live long and wedgie-free as possible.

Here are the 7 kinds of undies every woman should own.

1. The "If Underwear Were Your Favorite T-shirt" Panties

Hanky Panky Organic Cotton Boyshorts, $29, Amazon

Every girl just needs an honest-to-goodness pair of basic undies that feel comfy, light, and effortless. They're the pair that you can easily wear to the gym and work and happy hour and the weekend flea market.

2. The "Spandex That's Basically Underwear" Panties

Underworks Women's Cotton Spandex 3-pack, $35, Amazon

OK, I'm actually totally wearing these right now. Those bike/volleyball shorts with lining that double as underwear are a great option when you want basic coverage for a workout but don't want an extra layer that's gonna make you even more hot and sweaty.

3. The "Barely There Sheer" Undies

Sheer Underwear, $26, Lavinia Lingerie

As the sheer trend grows hotter and hotter, you need a pair that's not exactly obvious. Investing in a quality pair of sheer underwear is so worth it for on point music festival IG pics. 'Cause panty lines most definitely are not on fleek.

4. The "Something Silky" Panties

Silk Itsy Panty, $25, Amazon

Whether they're thong style or granny panties, there is just something extra luxurious about silk that can't be topped. Ow ow.

5. The Boy Boxers

Unisex Boxer-Briefs , $16, American Apparel

OK, boxers for girls are way underrated, but I'm obsessed by how comfy they are. And bonus points because they double as pajama shorts.

6. The Seamless Thong

Hanky Panky BARE Original-Rise Seamless Thong, $13, Neiman Marcus

There's absolutely nothing wrong with going commando, but for those days when you don't feel like wearing undies, but deem it absolutely necessary (i.e., breezy days when wearing skirts), consider a seamless thong. You'll almost forget you're wearing anything at all.

7. The Playful Printed Panties

Days Of The Week Panties, $17, Charlotte Russe

Just because you're a grown ass woman doesn't mean your underwear can't be fun. This hashtag-printed "Days Of The Week" underwear pack is the perfect playful touch to your more professional workweek outfits.

(Image Credit: Aerie/Instagram; Neiman Marcus (2); Amazon; Lavinia Lingerie; Victoria's Secret; American Apparel; Charlotte Russe)