Every Woman Should Own These Kinds Of Underwear

There are so many different types of underwear out there that it can be tricky to know which kind is best for you. You likely have your old favorites: Those glorious pieces that you've loved to death for years and that are now falling apart. You wear them time and time again and refuse to let go. But, IMO, there are a certain number of underwear items that every woman should own, otherwise she could be seriously missing out.

There are an array of qualities that people might judge underwear by. These include: Comfort, fit, fabric, texture, color, or whether it makes the wearer feel confident or attractive. Of course, this is all down to personal preference and the qualities that every individual holds most important. Some people swear that a thong is their lingerie holy grail, while others curse the style, deeming it 100 percent not right for them. Both of these situations are totally valid.

I'm by no means saying that once you've read this article, you should rush out and buy every single type of panty on Earth. Rather, that the majority of these pieces have particular uses and functions that I think any woman could find helpful, no matter her size, shape, or aesthetic. So take a look and discover whether any of these styles might make your life easier or generally more comfy.

1. Granny Panties

Embroidered Lace Front Brief , $15, Hips And Curves

If you don't own a pair of granny panties, you're truly missing out. Sure, they may not look sexy in an S&M kind of way, but boy are they comfortable. If you've had a hard day at the office, just come home, slip into your granny panties and your favorite pajamas, and all will be right with the world again.

2. Seamless Panties

La Perla Seamless Panties, $48, Saks Fifth Avenue

Do you have a fancy soiree coming up, to which you plan on wearing a figure-hugging outfit? Don't stress: Seamless panties to the rescue. There'll be no more visible panty lines in a pair of seamless knickers.

3. Period Panties

Cheeky, $29, She Thinx

I recently discovered period panties by Thinx and I sincerely want a pair of every kind. You can choose from a range of styles depending on how heavy your flow is, what kind of outfits you'll be wearing, or whichever style is your favorite.

These kick-ass panties are leak-resistant, absorbent, and anti-microbial — basically the undies you've been wishing for since you first began menstruating. By purchasing a pair of Thinx panties, you're also helping girls in Uganda to have access to affordable and sustainable pads, created by Thinx's partner organization AFRIpads.

4. Frilly Knickers

Daisy Corsets Ruffle Shorts, $18, Amazon

Sometimes in life you just want to wear something deliciously feminine. Enter frilly knickers! These kinds of panties are great because even if you can't dress in a super feminine way for work or for practical reasons, you can still wear them under your clothes for a secret confidence booster. They'll have you feeling like a glamorous Moulin Rouge can-can dancer, even if you're just wearing your favorite sweatpants on the outside.

5. Sporty Panties

UA Pure Stretch , $12, Amazon

If you're a sporty gal or you're thinking of adding more exercise into your regular routine, a pair of sporty panties could make your workout more pleasant. Under Armour has a range of panties to choose from, but this particular style looks really comfortable and has quite the modern design.

Not only do they look cool, but compared to an ordinary pair of knickers, they also have hidden benefits like anti-microbial technology to help keep you fresh and "four-way stretch fabrication" for improving the wearer's "range of motion," according to the website. There's nothing worse than trying to work out and being hindered by your panties painfully cutting into you. Instead, just invest in a pair that was created with fitness in mind.

6. Silky Knickers

Satin And Lace Bikini , $13, Hips And Curves

There are days when you want to be comfortable and there are days when you want to feel decadent. Silky knickers are there for you when you want it all at once. You can definitely have your cake and eat it too with a pair of comfy yet luxurious silk or satin panties.

7. Designer Panties

Caught In Charlotte's Web Big Brief , $625, Agent Provocateur

IMO, every woman should have at least one pair of designer undies. These are the show-stopping panties reserved for special occasions or when you just want to feel absolutely incredible. Such occasions might include a job interview, your first date with someone, or a special anniversary. Considering the price and the quality, they'll make you feel like a million dollars.

8. G-String

Hanky Panky Bare G-String, $20, Amazon

There will be occasions in life when, just like Nicki Minaj, you might have to wear a G-string. Such times could be when you're wearing a super high-leg costume and you don't want to go commando, for a dress fitting, or maybe even for a photoshoot. You won't realize you need one until it's too late, so invest in a G-string for those moments when you want to show a little more skin.

9. The Bridal Panties

Wildfox Bridezilla Briefs , $74, ASOS

If you plan on getting hitched at some point in your life, don't forget a pair of bridal panties. You could go for a beautiful bridal lingerie set or a novelty pair of undies to make your partner giggle come the night of the wedding. You'll likely only wear them once, so pick a pair that suits you and your partner's personalities.

10. Sparkly Panties

Aurelia Gold Sequins Sparkle Ruffled Mini Knicker , $88, Etsy

Glitter and sparkle are always a good idea, especially if you had the best weekend ever and you have to drag yourself to work on a gray Monday morning. Glittery panties will help you through whatever life throws at you.

11. Edible Underwear

Candy G-string, $8, Amazon

Granted, edible underwear is probably not the most comfortable thing to wear all day, and might be best reserved for the bedroom. However, it's a great way to spice things up and have fun with your partner. They'll go down a treat if your lover has a sweet tooth, too.

Why not break free from your worn-in favorites and try some new kinds of underwear? They might even change the way you think or open your eyes to an entire range of clothing you previously thought unwearable. Plus, experimenting with your underwear is just plain fun.

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