Michelle Phan May Not Be YouTube Queen Any Longer

She is undoubtedly one of YouTube's most popular and widely recognizable stars, but could she soon be dethroned? Michelle Phan is being out viewed by newer stars like Zoe Suggs and Bethany Mota according to Pixability. While all three women are fantastic vloggers and talented entrepreneurs, Phan is definitely the OG when it comes to YouTube beauty. The real question is what is making Phan's viewership shrink.

In the study done by Pixability, Phan was surpassed in view count by Mota beginning in late 2013 and by Suggs in February of this year. For those of you who need a little perspective on just how many views these ladies would need to amass to move beyond Phan's viewership, the talented makeup artist and business woman has a cool 1.2 billion views over her YouTube lifetime. While she still surpasses Zoe and Bethany with this number, the pair do seem to be steadily gaining on her.

So to answer the question of why the diminishment of viewers demands a deeper look into Phan's business. She's no longer just a YouTube beauty superstar, instead, she's branched out into books, her own makeup line with L'Oreal, and a network to call her own. Not to mention, Phan is the woman responsible for a little service called Ipsy. Basically, she's one heck of a busy lady, and the minds over at Pixability think that's what may be effecting her viewership. However, with all of Phan's endeavors having such great success, our guess is that YouTube viewership isn't her biggest concern at the moment.

Videos: Zoella/Youtube; Bethany Mota/YouTube; Michelle Phan/YouTube