Joey Was Totally The Coolest 'Full House' Uncle

After years and years of watching this series, I can confidently say that growing up in Full House's Tanner household would be amazing for a multitude of reasons — with just one of them being Joseph Alvin "Joey" Gladstone. Sure, he didn't have Danny's impeccable cleaning skills, Uncle Jesse's hair/wardrobe, or Aunt Becky's confidence, but the comedian kept fans in stitches for all eight seasons of Full House — and, sadly, he's often under appreciated despite it. However, his cool status is definitely worth revisiting, because there was really no one cooler than Uncle Joey on the Tanner homestead.

I know what you're thinking: "Uncle Joey, cooler than Uncle Jesse?! But Uncle Jesse sang with The Beach Boys and wore leather jackets!" Yes, this is true — however, Uncle Joey had many character quirks that made him so uniquely Joey, and it's hard to deny that a man with a sense of humor is anything less than amazing. From his spot-on impersonations to his ability to break through tense moments with humor, Joey delighted viewers for the entirely of Full House with seemingly little to no effort at all — it deserves recognition.

In honor of funniest member of Tanner clan (honorary member, but still), here are seven reasons that Joey is the coolest adult on Full House.

1. He Had His Own Catchphrase

Sorry, Uncle Jesse. "Cut. It. Out." had its own choreography.

2. He Was Basically Bullwinkle The Moose

And Popeye. And, occasionally, a sprinkler.

3. His Garage-Turned-Bedroom Was The Coolest

Remember when he lived in the living room alcove?

4. He Bought D.J. A Car When She Turned 16

Coolest. Adult. Ever.

5. He Went On Star Search

Move aside, Uncle Jesse and the Beach Boys — Star Search was a big deal back in the '90s, and Uncle Joey just so happened to appear on it.

6. Sometimes He Acted Like One Of The Kids

A sense of humor is important, and Uncle Joey never took the little things in life for granted — and, much like a kid, he appreciated just having fun.

7. He Actually Danced Like Nobody Was Watching

And it's this joy for life that locks Joey in as my favorite.

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