11 Reasons Growing Up On "Full House" Is Way Better Than Growing Up In Real Life (Sorry, Mom & Dad)

As someone who grew up watching Full House , joining the Tanner family has always sounded very appealing to me. Don't get me wrong, I adore my own family — my parents gave me an awesome childhood, and I have a sister I love to pieces — but real life as a kid was never quite as awesome as I imagine growing up as a Tanner was. I would have killed to live in that picturesque San Francisco home, going to Frasier Street Elementary School and coming home to a delicious snack made by Bob Saget every day. It sounds like a pretty sweet deal, and it is — you know, if it wasn't fictional and everything. Aside from Danny's terrible yearly spring cleaning day, growing up in the Full House family is the ideal childhood, and I'm kind of jealous it didn't happen to me.

Because in real kid life, families aren't perfect. They fight. Your mistakes don't always lead to important life lessons, and not everyone thinks it's precious to stop everything they're doing to watch you pretend to marry your big sister's boyfriend.

If you, too, wish you were a Tanner, you are not alone. There are so many reasons why it would have been amazing to trade real life childhood for Full House childhood, but here are 11 of the biggest ones.

1. Their Dad Had The Coolest Job Ever

He was a talk show host, got to hang out with celebrities, and was recognized everywhere he went. That had to be pretty cool, even if Danny was pretty embarrassing at times. In real life? Dads are usually just embarrassing, without the perks.

2. There Was Always Someone To Hang Out With

If your sisters didn't feel like playing with you, Uncle Jesse or Joey might. Having a girl problem you don't want to talk to Dad about? Don't worry, Aunt Becky's there for you. And, if you're just bored, go see what Kimmy's up to. She's always over, and she's always doing something ridiculous.

3. There Were Pool Parties In The Kitchen

In one episode, Michelle drags a pool into the kitchen and starts splashing around, and it's precious. If I dragged a pool into the kitchen, I would have been grounded forever.

4. Everyone Was Always Hugging

OK, so as a kid, I could have had a hug anytime I wanted. But not quite in the over-the-top way the Tanners enjoyed it.

5. Three Words: The Smash Club

GirlTalkRetro on YouTube

Want to hang out after school? No problem, my uncle owns the coolest all-ages club in town.

6. The Kitchen Was Always Stocked

Remember the struggle of the few days before your parents went grocery shopping, and there was legitimately nothing to eat in the house? I feel like the Tanners never experienced that. There were infinite freshly baked cookies in that kitchen. Always.

7. DJ Had A Phone In Her Room

She was obviously the coolest.

8. There Was Never A Dull Moment

It was literally impossible to be bored in that family. And, if things did get boring, don't worry — Steph would be driving a car into the kitchen at any minute.

9. The Adults Were Always Distracted By Their Own Hijinks

You could get away with anything, because Dad, Uncle Jesse, and Joey were busy dressing up as women to get into a sorority meeting or something.

10. They Lived In The Coolest House Ever

There was an alcove! There was a basement! There was a recording studio in that basement! My house growing up was a regular house. Living room, bathroom, kitchen, you know the drill.

11. And There Were Some Seriously Impressive Dog Birthday Parties

For this reason alone, I'd join this family.

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