Kilo Kish And Maison Kitsuné Collab For T-Shirts

T-shirts have basically become my new favorite article of clothing because of their versatility—the same one I rock to bed (with my late grandparents screen printed on it) is the same one I've worn to the office, and even to a bar (add a blazer, throw on a skirt, you know the drill). This summer, I plan to only live in t-shirts, which is why I'm ecstatic about Kilo Kish and Maison Kitsuné's capsule collection that's brand spankin' new. Talk about perfect timing with the warmer weather!

You may know Kilo Kish as the painfully cool songwriter. That's not all she does, though. The multi-hyphenate is singer, visual artist, painter, fashion designer, and even a model/actress. That's a lot of hats, but she wears them damn well. Kilo Kish and Maison Kitsuné have worked together in the past—last year, Kilo Kish released her EP, titled Across, on the Kitsuné label, and she even appeared on the brands fall/winter 2014 campaign.

Now, they join forces again, as they've collaborated on a collection of tees, tennis shoes, and totes inspired by the French and American flags. “Specifically, I wanted to make pieces that felt reminiscent of Americans vacationing in Europe,” Kilo Kish said, according to

The result is a pretty kick ass set of merch. T-shirts in stripes reading "I <3 Kitsuné" and another that spells out, "I FLEW ALL THE WAY TO PARIS TOKYO NEW YORK CITY NEW YORK AND ALL I GOT WAS THIS VERY LOUSY TEE SHIRT FROM MAISON KITSUNÉ," according to Clever. An iPhone case is also available, with a playful red, blue, and white pattern, and a tote with the French flag on one side, and the American on the other.

“They look perfect with a beer and a pair of Levis 501s,” says Kish, “but also cute while sightseeing in Paris,” said Kilo Kish, according to That kind of free spirit, on the go type girl with a penchant for the off-kilter is exactly who I see rocking this capsule collection. I certainly know what I'll be wearing this summer throughout New York City days and nights.

Images: Kitsuné Journal