'Pretty Little Liars' Introduces Lorenzo To Ali

We may know that Charles is Big A on Pretty Little Liars, but that doesn't mean we should ignore the many other characters filling Season 6 — especially those we're not familiar with. In the second episode of the season, Pretty Little Liars introduced Travis Winfrey as Lorenzo, a police officer working with Toby, who was previously reported to be played by Titus Makin Jr. We first meet him by name alongside Alison, as she sees the two young cops walking in Rosewood. Previously, he stopped Toby from beating up Andrew when they arrested him. Ali and Lorenzo's first meeting didn't last long, however, as Alison spent most of her time having a cryptic conversation with Toby, but they quickly saw each other again at church. This time, they seemed to catch each other's attention more, and we should see that develop considering that Sasha Pieterse told E! that Lorenzo will be a love interest for Ali in Season 6. I just hope that Ali is careful before jumping into things, because this is Pretty Little Liars, a show that has taught us no one is who they seem.

I'm not saying that Lorenzo is Charles or anything so extreme, just that in Rosewood, you really can't trust police officers or hot guys, and Lorenzo happens to be both (remind you of anyone? Say, HOLBROOK???). He might not be associated with Charles or the A team at all, but that doesn't mean Lorenzo can be totally trusted either. What if he's trying to get close to Ali to get information for Tanner? He might be working to help the Liars, but he could still have false intentions.

I hope I'm wrong, and that Lorenzo is a nice, sweet, good-looking police officer who will help all of the Liars and, if he truly is a love interest for Ali, bring her some comfort during this extremely difficult time. It's just that Pretty Little Liars has taught me the only guy I can really trust is Caleb, and until Lorenzo proves himself, I'll be keeping an eye on him.

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Image: Eric McCandless/ABC Family