Xtina's "I Turn To You" Video Is A Feelings Fest

Whether I like it or not, I inevitably take a trip down memory lane every single time I watch the music video for Christina Aguilera’s third single, “I Turn To You”. I think about that one afternoon I bit off waaaay more than I could chew when I voluntarily sang “I Turn To You” in middle school choir class. The occasion: it was a Friday. Monday through Thursday, we rehearsed classics like "Jailhouse Rock" and "Fever". But on Fridays, our teacher let us stand at the front of the classroom and sing any current Top 40 hit we wanted. And on one of those Fridays, I picked "I Turn To You". I am not being modest when I say I had zero right in attempting that song. My teacher was so, so kind to not tell my delusional behind to pack up my Trapper Keeper and leave right that minute.

I think about the original version of "I Turn To You" by All-4-One. I think about the Space Jam soundtrack. I think about how badly I wanted to be on the Chicago Bulls when I was a youth (even though I was a short kid, I dreamed big). And then, I think about my pair of Tweety Bird Converse high tops. And then, I think about the “And then?” scene from Dude, Where’s My Car? And then—

You get the picture. It’s basically a water park wave pool of memories over here. (Oh, shoot. Now I’m getting all sorts of sentimental about going to water parks during summer vacation. WHERE DOES IT END?)

Beyond reminding me of a million things at once, the "I Turn To You" video also happens to have some of the best emote-singing ever. Whenever Xtina is on screen, the vocal powerhouse BRINGS IT. She misses zero musical notes, and she misses zero feelings notes. No feelings rock is left unturned.

Some of those emote-sing moments? Well, those moments just so happen to sum things up when you are having one of those days:

When you resent your alarm clock more than it'll ever understand

"Hey, alarm clock. Do you know how many hours I slept last night? Not enough, that'show many. You are so lucky I don't have a hammer within arm's reach, alarm clock. You are so, so lucky."

When your computer freezes in the middle of an assignment and you realize you forgot to save your work

"Just take a deep breath. Don't punch the monitor. Don't punch the monitor. Don't punch the monitor. Don't punch the monitor don't punch the monitor don't punchthemonitordon'tpunchthemonitordon'tpunchthemonitor..."

When you spent a good chunk of your morning straightening your hair only to get stuck in a torrential downpour

"I swear, if this rain dares to mess up my perfectly ironed tresses, I will go home. I will go home and use a sick day. Don't test me, rain."

When you notice your fresh manicure has yet to be chipped by the crappy day

"Way to not let me down, nails. For once."

When it dawns on you that you might've forgotten to put on deodorant this morning

"False alarm. Underarms smell like pomegranate tear drops. Hold up. What is that smell, then? OH, NO. OH NO NO NO NO. DON'T TELL ME IT'S THE REUBEN SANDWICH I LEFT IN MY DESK DRAWER LAST WEEK AND PROMPTLY FORGOT ABOUT. Welp, guess I have to set my desk on fire now, because that stench isn't going anywhere."

When you realize you forgot your sweater in the taxi cab

"Do you think anyone at this rooftop restaurant has a shawl I could borrow?"

When you literally can't even with the day


Like, really, really can't even

"I. Have. Had. It."

Images: CAguileraVEVO/YouTube (9); Kristie Rohwedder/Bustle (8)