18 Amazing Things To Make With Cheetos

When it comes to junky snack foods, Cheetos are pretty high up on the list, and there are so many things you can make with Cheetos that you have probably never even thought about. These crunchy, cheesy (and sometimes spicy) snacks are completely addicting, and are so delicious that you literally won't even care that what you're eating has zero nutritional value. Who really says you have to focus on being healthy at all times anyway? And while Cheetos are obviously perfect on their own, they also happen to be really tasty when mixed with other kinds of food.

If you've been thinking about your Cheetos just as a simple snack, you've been doing it wrong. Start thinking of them as a very important base for the most unique, fun, and interesting recipes. Want to spice up a burger? Add some Cheetos. Didn't think your mac and cheese could get any better than it already is? Nope, wrong, it's better with Cheetos. Want to get your vegetable serving of the day AND munch on some Cheetos? Done.

Open your mind and expand your horizons with these amazing recipes made better by the addition of Cheetos. Whether you're serving these at a summer BBQ to make all of your friends bow down to you as the queen of BBQs, or you're just making them for yourself, you can't go wrong with any of these. Without further ado, here are 18 things you never knew you could make with Cheetos:

1. Grilled cheese

The only way to make melted cheese better is to add crunchy cheese.

2. Cheetos pie

I don't know if this resembles pie in any real way. But I do know it looks amazing.

3. Cheetos "nachos"

Cheetos with melted cheese on top, because you could obviously always use more cheese. Add more nacho toppings if needed.

4. Mac and cheese

Mac and Cheetos just might be my new favorite food.

5. Sushi

Who knew that Flamin' Hot Cheetos and raw fish could go SO well together?!

6. A Brussels sprouts side dish

What? You're eating Brussels sprouts. You're SO healthy.

7. Pizza

Just when you were thinking pizza couldn't get any better, this happened.

8. Burger topping

Crush your Cheetos into a cheese sauce, AND give your burger some wonderful crunchiness.

9. Cheetos cheeseburger

Or you could go ahead and make a burger patty with Cheetos mixed in with the meat. Best burger ever?

Image and Recipe: The Spiffy Cookie

10. Macarons

Just when you were thinking Cheetos couldn't be chic, they show up in a macaron.

11. Mac and cheese crusted "doughnuts"

Oh, no big deal. Just fried mac and cheese with CHEETOS.

12. Fried chicken

You'll never go back to regular fried chicken again.

Image and Recipe: The Spiffy Cookie

13. Tacos

Make tacos even better by adding Cheetos on top. Easy and perfect.

14. A flatbread sandwich

Why eat a boring flatbread when you could add Flamin' Hot Cheetos?

15. Doughnuts

I know what you're thinking — why didn't you eat this on National Doughnut Day? I feel you, girl.

16. Oven baked chicken

Add some Flamin' Hot Cheetos to your oven baked chicken for some much needed flavor.

17. Marshmallow treats

Rice Krispie treats are officially old news.

18. Salad

Who says you can't put Cheetos on a salad?

Images: Bradley Hawks/Flickr