Every Stars Hollow Event Ever, Ranked

by Lindsey Kupfer

Every single Gilmore Girls fan has dreamed of what it would be like to live in Stars Hollow. There’s something about the people there it that makes it better than other small towns. I think what makes it special are the wild personalities, and, of course, all the quirky Stars Hollow events that happen over the course of the show. I mean a knit-a-thon? Only in Stars Hollow, kids. One time, I ventured into the real Stars Hollow (aka Washington Depot, Connecticut), and saw a sign for a puppetry festival — so this stuff is real, everyone!

Anyway, just for fun, I went through and put together a list of all the Stars Hollow events that happened over the seven seasons we were with the Gilmore Girls, and I ranked them by how likely I would be to attend the event. I am pretty sure I got most of them, but, if I did miss one, you have the right to call me out on Twitter. I tried to pick events that the entire town attended — and there were a lot. And now, let’s go back to all those wacky events in Stars Hollow, Connecticut.

26. Movie Night In The Square

Nothing sounds worse having to watch The Yearling every. single. year.

25. The Easter Egg Hunt

What’s the point of an Easter egg hunt if you can’t find any of the eggs? Also, I would not want to witness the post-egg hunt smell that haunted the town.

24. Cinnamon's Wake

It wasn't an official event, but it kind of turned into one for the entire town. A cat funeral isn't exactly my idea of a good time.

23. Town Hayride

In the very first episode, Lane was forced to go to the town hayride with "a future doctor" and his brother at the request of Mrs. Kim. Let's just say I wouldn't want to be set up by my mother, and Lane's bored face doesn't make the event look too exciting.

22. The Edgar Allan Poe Society

A bunch of people get dressed up like Edgar Allen Poe and read poetry. Pass.

21. Twickham House Museum

The town turned the Twickham House into a museum, put together a group of weird items, and called it "Stars Hollow history." At least there was lots of alcohol involved beforehand.

20. The Revolutionary War Reenactment

There are two reenactments over the seven seasons and both of them seem quite boring. The first one is when the townspeople stood outside in the snow all night representing a battle that never happened. The other one had Kirk in a dress, so that's kind of exciting, but still not great.

19. Sookie & Jackson’s Wedding

It wasn't the most exciting of the Stars Hollow events, but you have to imagine that at Sookie and Jackson's wedding, the food was to die for, so it could have been kind of fun over at the snack table.

18. Lane’s Wedding

Two different weddings and a live band, plus Lorelai's drunken speech? It sounds like a blast.

17. The Old Muddy River Bridge Knit-A-Thon

This one was cute, but the idea of knitting for hours on end seems like an absolute nightmare. Therefore it stays toward the back of the list.

16. Snowman Building Contest

The contest looks fun and relatively easy, except there's always someone who's going to build a better snowman, so really what's the point?

15. Lane’s Baby Shower

It would be great to wheel Lane all over town in bed. Exhausting, but cool.

14. Max & Lorelai's Engagement Party

While it lasted, it would have been really fun to celebrate Max and Lorelai's engagement. There were delicious snacks, thrones, and little children doing ballet in wedding dresses. What more could you ask for?

13. Dragonfly Run-Through Opening

Luke and Lorelai kiss. Kirk is naked. Michel's dogs get sweet revenge on Taylor's shoes. It was a pretty exciting night for everyone involved.

12. End Of Summer Madness Festival

I like the name of this festival. And Jess is there, so it would be pretty fun to be involved in this day.

11. The Bracebridge Dinner

Free food and a room at the Independence Inn! Minus Bootsy's singing, it seemed like a blast. Plus, if you hate free sleigh rides, you're a monster.

10. Liz and T.J.'s Wedding

Renaissance themed parties are always fun. Even if the party is for T.J.

9. Lorelai’s Birthday

World's. Biggest. Pizza.

8. The Winter Carnival

I will go to any event in which Paul Anka (the dog) predicts my future.

7. Spring Fling Festival (Hay Bale Maze)

Horrible planning on someone's part, yet somehow still seemed fun. Plus, mazes are always a good time when you find Luke on your way through.

6. Bid-a-Basket Festival

It's weird, I know. But I have secretly always wanted to be bid on at a charity auction. I could totally put aside my fear of no one wanting to bid on me to participate in this event.

5. Every Town Meeting

I would be at every single town meeting with popcorn and a bottle of wine. It's a Stars Hollow event even if it's a weekly thing.

4. Founders Firelight Festival

A boy and a girl met, fell in love, and were separated by their parents. One night they snuck out and got lost in the dark. A band of stars lit their way to each other, and they found each other in the spot where the Stars Hollow gazebo stands. It’s kind of romantic, no? I would totally make out in a gazebo.

3. The 24-Hour Dance-A-Thon

Minus the pure exhaustion, it would be so much fun to dress up in cute clothes and dance till you drop.

2. The Festival of Living Art

Personally, I couldn't stand still for an entire minute without blinking or moving, but the idea of this festival is by far one of the best in Stars Hollow history.

1. Rory’s Second College Graduation

The entire town came together one last time, and even though it was pouring rain they — by they I mean Luke — made a tarp to keep everyone dry. It’s the most important event in the entire show, and the most emotional, thus winning the coveted top ranking.

But if I'm being honest, I'd probably check out just about any Stars Hollow event if it was possible.

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