Will Emily Join The Army Post-Time Jump On 'PLL'?

As the Pretty Little Liars settled into life post-dollhouse in Tuesday's episode, "Songs of Innocence," there was a lot of motherly love going around. But after all of the touching scenes of the four girls taking comfort from (or, in the case of Spencer, fighting over medications with) their moms, we got an extended glimpse of Emily's relationship with her father, even in his absence. First, we saw her very deliberately trying on her father's field jacket, and opening his safe full of firearms. The next time we caught up with her, she was putting said firearms to use at a shooting range, much to her mother's chagrin. Is this a hint that Emily might join the army after Pretty Little Liars ' time jump and follow in her father's footsteps?

Much in the way Toby decided to become a police cadet, it actually makes a lot of sense for Emily to join the army. After all that she's been through (and make no mistake, pretty much the whole point of Tuesday night's episode was to remind us just how much the Liars have been through), it's only logical that she'd finally want to take action. It's sort of like that time Aria took karate classes, except much more intense. And when you think about it, how wonderful would it be for the owner of Rosewood's best scared face to learn some serious self-defense?

Of course, as her sage mother said, Emily's motives seem to be driven by anxiety and fear, rather than a genuine interest in learning how to safely defend herself if need be. Even Emily herself pointed out that the shooting didn't help at all with the fear (as she put it, "It makes you the same as what you're afraid of"), but she could eventually grow into her desire to protect both herself and her loved ones.

The episode ends with Emily donning the field jacket once more — and rushing to the aid of the suspicious Sara Harvey. What do you think it all means? Was it just a one-off to show how Emily was coping/wasn't coping with her trauma? The start of something more? Or was it a different (and more sinister) clue altogether?

The only thing we know for sure is that Emily has a very intriguing journey ahead of her on PLL Season 6.

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